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kmehrkens 09-08-2012 6:30 PM

Madison Wisconsin
I'm wondering what the scene is like in Madison. There seems to be a pretty good following for the university team. I'm here this fall and will be able to rip whenever. I don't have a boat here but do have an electric winch. Let me know if you need an extra or want to head out winching!

Nordicron 09-09-2012 4:32 AM

Damn wish u woulda posted this up on Friday! I was lookin all over for a third on sat morn for monona! We board in drysuits till about mid nov. due look into the UW team they will get u out and have some contacts.

Also PM me your contact info, I'm looking for peeps usually.

kmehrkens 09-09-2012 9:19 AM

Dang Ron! That would have worked too. I have a drysuit, so I'm down through mid/end of November! PM sent!

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