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rplogue7 09-08-2012 5:29 PM

First day wakesurfing EVER!
so today was my first day even trying wakesurfing, and i thought it was awesome. I've been wakeboarding for this entire summer, to the point where i can land 360s, and today i decided to rent out a hyperlite broadcast out of my local board shop. I started off the swim platform just for fun and off i went! I tossed the rope in the boat a few times and i stayed up for a little while afterwards but then fell. I never really figured out how to keep surfing the wake behind the boat without hitting the swim platform (it happened a bunch of times)

advice would be appreciated (just basics)
Im 15 years old and I'm probably going tomorrow ! :)


cwb4me 09-08-2012 6:26 PM

Riley toes closer to the toeside edge.Hold the rope with your lead hand and touch the wave with your back hand.Putting weight on your lead foot makes you accelerate and weight on your back foot to slow down.Hope this helps.

timmyb 09-08-2012 6:53 PM

Front foot = fast, back foot = brake. You rock your hips back and forth to speed up, slow down and stay in the pocket. Don't worry about throwing in the rope until you can ride comfortably with slack in the rope for long periods of time. Have fun!

ApplebyMommy 09-12-2012 6:57 PM

Everything above is dead on, and I always tell people we are teaching to try to touch the wave to find the pocket. Here is my daughter learning the basics at 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ITZU...yer_detailpage . We all just learned last Summer when we got a new boat. I really didn't get it until the beginning of this Summer.

smartin 09-13-2012 11:00 AM

That is so awesome please post more videos so I can inspire my 10 and 14 year old dauthers to try wakesurfing! They are becoming wakeboarding snobs lol. I love to do both. I can't even get my wife to try!

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