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ReSession 09-08-2012 7:00 AM

Decisions, decisions, decisions...
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When I was a kid growing up, I had one of those posters on my wall of a 3-car garage titled "Decisions, decisions, decisions" and had a Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini...thought this was a worthy comparison of our Picklefork crew!

jaybee 09-08-2012 7:03 AM

Not a bad problem to have :).

migs 09-08-2012 8:28 AM

Great pic! Much better than the car one you're talking about IMO

boardman74 09-08-2012 3:13 PM

Cool picture and a good problem to have!!!

snork 09-08-2012 5:52 PM

I've made my decision

Raf1985 09-08-2012 6:50 PM

probably the one in the green bikini but hard to tell from a distance

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