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MylesK 09-07-2012 3:23 PM

Labor Day at Tenkiller - Sunk Bu'
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Anyone know what happened to that Blue / White Wakesetter that was halfway sunk over by "party cove" at Lake Tenkiller this past weekend? I didn't see it go down but heard that it jsut got swamped and obviously didn't recover from it. It was a beautiful boat!!! I cried a little when I saw it.

boardman74 09-07-2012 4:05 PM

That sucks!! Looks like a sweet boat from what is above the water.

hillbilly 09-07-2012 5:16 PM

Wonder if the same thing happened to him as the guy with the Supra?
That looks like a dd.....
Sucks all the same

snork 09-07-2012 5:58 PM

why cant I see it

guma 09-07-2012 6:34 PM

There is a thread on the Tige forum and the OP states... "Story supposedly was the guy was following to closely to another boat, and as the guy opened it up as he passed the no wake zone, it swamped the bu. "


Raf1985 09-07-2012 7:50 PM

If that's the case, he deserves it for following too close. He must have been a few feet from the other boat for it to do that.

polarbill 09-08-2012 9:25 AM

The Bu was following too close or the boat behind the boo was that ended up running past the Bu and swamping the Bu? IF so the owner of the boat that passed the Bu should be liable.

Houstonshark 09-08-2012 11:56 AM

So what's the law on this? I've heard that you are responsible for the wake that your boat creates and any damage due to it. Is that true? Does it vary from state to state?

I'm not sure exactly how this accident happened but if it in fact happened like Guma quoted it sounds like the Malibu was at fault for being too close.

boardman74 09-08-2012 3:17 PM

I think a judge is going to rule in just about any state that you are responsible for your wake. Especially is you swamp another boat due to lack of judgement.

Raf1985 09-08-2012 4:53 PM

I'm sure there's a law about boat tailgating, and if that was the case, it's his own fault.

cowwboy 09-10-2012 3:47 AM

If he was directly behind another boat and they took off how could it swamp the bu? The front boat would take off producing a wave in front of the bu.
But if the other boat was to close, the fallowing boat would throw a wake right over the side of the bu as it passed it.

polarbill 09-10-2012 7:56 AM


Originally Posted by cowwboy (Post 1781730)
If he was directly behind another boat and they took off how could it swamp the bu? The front boat would take off producing a wave in front of the bu.
But if the other boat was to close, the fallowing boat would throw a wake right over the side of the bu as it passed it.

Exactly what I was thinking and why I asked but I worded it poorly. I have no idea how a boat taking off in front of another can swamp the back boat.

boardman74 09-10-2012 10:54 AM

X2 was thinking the same. If it was in front of him he would have seen it and been able to avoid it.

Raf1985 09-10-2012 11:13 AM

I vote that either he forgot the plug or had a fat chick in front.

antoddio 09-10-2012 11:30 AM

I call bs on that story. It's tough to sink a boat unless he was next to a 55' cabin cruiser. Even that would take some doing.

wakedaveup 09-10-2012 11:34 AM

^^^ definitely agree. unless the nose was over weighted and didn't know how to drive. Either way if he was following that close and punched it through a no wake zone than he got what he had coming to him

Elliottsx80 09-14-2012 8:07 AM

i think i know those guys, some latin dudes from okc. theres no way you could sink that boat in that cove from a wake, the cove is to narrow and theres to much traffic. i was at tenkiller last year on labor day and had two of my best friends drown at party cove, also beached my x80 on needle point leaving party cove. to many rocks on that lake and not enough sand imo

madcityskier 09-14-2012 7:37 PM

X2 on BS. If he's following and they speed up, the wake goes away from him.

Alan405 01-08-2013 2:27 PM

Hey Everyone,

Im the Owner of the Boat that sunk and wanted to clear things up....Yes the boat sunk, No i was Hammered, And no i wasnt tailgating lol

My wife and son were in the boat with me so best beleive i dont mess around and act stupid. We were headed out of the party cove and still in the no wake zone. Still under zero throttle and maybe 30-40 ft from the NO WAKE ZONE Bouey where nobody should be flooring it. 2 Wakeboard boats that it would be cool as hell to race out of the cove passing my boat under full throttle blasting their music and drunk as hell im sure. When they passed, they threw up hella wake and those wake combined with the other wakes from boats coming into the NO WAKE ZONE caused a perfect storm to say the least. the first wake went over the bow so fast, i goosed the throttle to get over the 2nd wake and it was to late. Everything happened so fast.

Everyone was ok and glad others helped us out, it was a black and yellow TIGE that hauled as and not sure what the other boat was. While i was talking to the sheriff and telling him my story, a Red and black malibu just about went under as well. SAME DAMN THING happened to him from other dumb ass people with ZERO boat etiquete. He pulled over the boats and wrote them all tickets.

So all in all, i wasnt at fault, i wasnt hauling ass, i wasnt following closely behind. I was actually talking to my son and telling him that we would go wakeboarding in a few minutes.

Thanks to everyone who helped me though if you happened to post on here or see this thread. Total price in damage so far is $18,000


Alan405 01-08-2013 2:31 PM

The ****ty part about everything was people JACKING all my stuff as it was floating away and just watching them take it and couldnt do a damn thing about it.. Lost my Seats, Life Jackets along with other crap

durty_curt 01-08-2013 2:33 PM

Sorry to hear that Alan. Did your boaters insurance cover anything?

polarbill 01-08-2013 4:46 PM

That sucks Alan. Really sorry to hear that. At the same time I am glad to hear your family is ok.

Hopefully insurance covered all or most of it.

grant_west 01-08-2013 8:14 PM


Im the Owner of the Boat that sunk and wanted to clear things up....Yes the boat sunk, No i was Hammered, And no i wasn't tailgating lol
Think you ment to say you "No" you WERE NOT Hammerd!

Im sorry that happened to you I'm sure it was very scary with your family in the boat and all. That sucks. I can picture exactly how this happened, I have been to a few lakes where getting out into "Open Water" is pretty scary. "Lake Tahoe and lake Havasu " Boats coming in fast throwing rollers right up to the point where you are supposed to be going 5mph. It's like the for boats coming in they should be required be not throwing rollers into or near the 5 Mph buoy. Boats coming into a 5 Mph zone have the advantage of going fast right up the to last min then they can chop the throttle and a bit of wake action from the back is no big deal. But if you have a low riding boat in the front you have to creep all the way up to the Danger zone and risk getting swamped. It’s a tricky thing to time. And when people are being stupid like it sounds like they were it makes it very hard. One bit of advice, (My boat sits real low in the front) so when entering fast water like you were, I stay to the side. As close to the shore as you can but still being safe and giving yourself room to move around. If some one throws a roller your way you can swing you side or rear of the roller and let the back or side of the boat either roll with it or over it. And because you’re close to the shore you are only getting attacked or rollers from one side. In your case Alan where you were getting rollers from the front and the back you’re Helpless. I know what your saying when you said perfect storm when waves from different directions all come together the water can raise up and do amazing and powerful things

pennery 01-09-2013 9:37 AM

That does suck.. I can't believe people would come and steal your stuff right in front of you... I feel sad for people who could do that...

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