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DBurke 09-07-2012 10:32 AM

2013 A22 vs 2013 Mojo 2.5
This will be my first post so bare with me! Been trolling the site for awhile reading various posts and decided to finally join. I just wanted to get everyones opinion on these two boats that I consider to be one anothers main competition. I have been a die hard Axis fan since their release in 09 but I'm slowly losing faith as the Axis goes up in price every year and drifts farther from that "price point" that they were made for. I think the Axis is a solid boat through and through. I am not a fan of the new dash on the 2013 as I think it makes the boat look cheap and the steering wheel looks like it came of a old snapper lawn mower, but as for performance and reliabilty I think their top notch. I'm not as famaliar with the Mojo as I am the Axis, but from what I have read the Mojo seems to be a solid boat. What is everyones pros and cons on these two boats?

kme3113 09-07-2012 1:32 PM

There is a lot of debate going on already on the subject in this thread.


DBurke 09-07-2012 2:04 PM

Ahhh rookie mistake! Thanks for link

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