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ragboy 09-07-2012 4:39 AM

2012 Northwest Wakesurf Open Comp Videos
We have posted the entire competition, every bit of surfing. We have 2 more events that will be up when we get back from Surf Expo and the MyWake finals, Wake the Desert and Koocanusa. WTD would have been first, but there were some issues with missing video we had to work through.

We had to work through our system and workflow and redid much of it and also rewrote some software for this because we want to post up all runs, but make it easy to see exactly what you want. You can choose a division video and then instantly jump to the rider you want to see or watch the entire division, its up to you. Check out the amateur videos, so MANY amateur riders which is one of the reasons we love the NWOpen.

We will be also posting HD version of all of this video for download to home devices or whatever, complete with chapters for each rider, stay tuned for that. In the future this should only take us 2-3 weeks after an event, this year we had to write a bunch of code.


Here is the pro skim finals, you can see Keenan's 540 shuv and Dom's hurricane, awesome stuff.

<embed src='http://wake9.com/swfs/player.swf' height='360' width='640' bgcolor='0xffffff' allowscriptaccess='always' allowfullscreen='true' flashvars="&backcolor=0xffffff&bandwidth=1432&cont rolbar=over&file=http%3A%2F%2Fwake9.com%2Fmedia-storage%2F2012-nwwsa%2Fpro_skim_male_finals_mobile.m4v&frontcolor =0xffffff&image=http%3A%2F%2Fwake9.com%2Fmedia-storage%2F2012-nwwsa%2Fpro_skim_male_finals.jpg&lightcolor=0x0000 00&plugins=viral-2h&repeat=list&screencolor=0x000000&skin=http%3A%2 F%2Fwake9.com%2Fskins%2Flulu.zip&viral.callout=non e&viral.email_subject=Check%20out%20this%20video%2 0from%20the%20West%20Coast%20Wakesurf%20Open.&vira l.functions=embed%2Clink&viral.link=http%3A%2F%2Fw ake9.com%2Fevent-video%2Fnwwsa-2012.php&viral.onpause=false&viral.pluginmode=FLAS H"/>

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