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cbk_watersports_fergie 09-06-2012 12:59 PM

What board do i need
I was wondering some board suggestions for my ridding. I am 145lbs 5'6. I love shredding rails and jumps in the park. I also like to fly down the mountain and turn the whole mountain to a park. I ride the slopes in NC not much powder usually ice. I want a flexy board that can shred the park obsticals but still have a blast on the mountain. I have been considering the K2 Parkstar. Any other suggestions are opinion on this board would be greatly appreciated!


juiced4ever 09-06-2012 7:38 PM

The parkstar is sick. With living on the ice coast you can't go wrong with a skate bananna from lib tech. Or the riders choice from gnu. I have a capita totally fk'n awesome and that board rips. a bit stiff on rails but boots on jumps and shreds back country hits. Hands down one of the best boards I've ever ridden. Just my .02

augie_09 09-06-2012 7:50 PM

I had a riders choice, they are stiffer boards compared to most park boards, at least they used to be. Didn't like mine on rails.

Also add the never summer evo to your list.

Any board with revers camber between your feet, and regular camber from feet to tip will work good on ice. Too soft though and you full mtn runs will slow down.

SS_Hooke102 09-16-2012 9:12 AM

I definitely would take a look at Lib-Tech.. All of their boards are super versatile and just all around great boards, just picked up my 2012 skate banana last week. For the style of riding you are looking at I would look at the TRS (total ripper series) ((this would be perfect from your description of riding style)). Also, as I went with, the skate banana (I ride primarily back country, but I compensated for that by buying bigger) would be great for you and or the banana magic. As far as sizing goes, for you I would go 148 or 151, you are a pretty light. Tear it up man.

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