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09-04-2012 11:50 AM

What do you think about wake sup?
Thought this was interesting that a company was coming out with specific sup boards for behind the boat. I have actually used one (few yrs back) behind an xstar and it was decent.

But how are people going to carry a 7-8' board and a paddle? Wouldnt think if ur cruising to your spot you would want a 7-8' sup board taking up lots of room nor a rack to fit them.




brhanley 09-04-2012 12:00 PM

Oh boy, just when you thought wakesurfing couldn't get any kookier. I'm going to start kayaking behind my boat.

kybool 09-04-2012 3:40 PM

Actually the bigger SUP board makes wakesurfers look like smaller homos instead of bigger ones....but remember its just an illusion....

rplogue7 09-04-2012 4:43 PM

Go wakeboarding

BlairJ 09-05-2012 8:47 AM

The tough guy wakeboarding brigade has spoken. Just stop doing what you love to do, ok guys? Else the douche-tears will continue to flow.

norcalrider 09-05-2012 1:55 PM

Gerry Lopez must be a kook...

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/t1phbn3X3ss" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

SangerTom 09-06-2012 7:24 PM

I'm in I want one.

Hartj17 09-26-2012 4:35 PM

I have a Custom Tropical Blends Board that is begging to hit it behind the boat with a paddle :) My only problem is I would a way to transport it.... or just Paddle out....

theloungelife 09-26-2012 5:02 PM

I've never SUP'd but overall I think it looks fun. I don't know if I would use it in place of a wakesurfer, but out on it's own, it seems like a fun/solid core workout.

22vdrive 09-26-2012 5:31 PM


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