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jonblarc7 09-03-2012 5:15 PM

Electrical problems
This weekend I run the boat all day Saturday with no problems. Sunday morning I get up to go to breakfast fire the boat up idle out and notice the perfect pass display is blank. I hit the on off button, it beeps and locks on a speed like its suppose to but the display is still blank. I know perfect pass is very voltage sincetive so I start looking at my volt gauge and it shows while idling about 13.8 which seems high (not sure). Once I get up to about 30 mph the voltage meter drops just below 12 volts. Then after riding across the whole lake 20 min drive the belts starts squeaking just above idle. So I go back home watching the volt meter do the same thing on the way back. Any idea what could be wrong.

Just low battery from a late night ride with all the lights and radio going the night before and an old belt that isn't letting the alternater catch up.

Or is the alternater trying to lock up and getting ready to go out.

Just not sure where to go first.

polarbill 09-03-2012 6:17 PM

Sounds like your belt might be slipping? Try tightening it or replacing. 13.8 is right where your voltage should be while running. if it is dropping to 12 when running at 30 mph something is wrong. It might be just that the belt is slipping and the alternator isn't really turning. I would check the belt first. Then get a cheap voltmeter and check the voltage at the batteries. At rest if the batteries have been left uncharged over night they should read about 12.6 volts. Once you start the boat and the alternator turns on the voltage should jump up to high 13's ar low 14's. If it doesn't check the voltage directly at the back of the alternator. You can also see what happens when you rev up the motor. If it drops back down to somewhere in the 12's or lower it is probably just reading the voltage of the batteries. If this happens it almost has to be the belt or pulley. Also, not a bad idea to check all positive and negativ connections between the alternator and the batteries. If any have corrosion use a wire brush to clean them up and retighten the connections. As far as the perfect pass goes I am not sure? Maybe check battery voltage at the PP computer or the gauge. Just make sure they are actually getting 12v+.

jonblarc7 09-03-2012 8:01 PM

Thanks for the help I'm going to to change out the belt and hook it up to a fake lake to see if that does anything.

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