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nailem 09-02-2012 5:47 PM

buddy is looking at a Correct Craft 236, need advice
As the title reads my buddy is looking at a 2006 CC 236. I know nothing about them and my search is not bring up much. It would be used mostly for surfing regular side. Also needs to be good on rough lake Erie. His budget is 40-50. I think for that money he could find a better surf boat but again i no nothing about CC 236. The only thing he has surfed or rode in is my 05' enzo

mhunter 09-02-2012 7:50 PM

Its the same as a 230 .

migs 09-02-2012 8:06 PM

Tell him to paddle out in the ocean and catch a wave - its free

Regarding the 236 - sick boat

nailem 09-02-2012 8:14 PM

Today the lake had 5 to 6 footers so it was close

wakebrdjay 09-02-2012 8:16 PM

Even when they are bigger they still suck on Erie.Give the guy a break he's 1000 miles from an ocean so it's not free.

nautiquesonly 09-02-2012 9:00 PM

I owned a 236. Great boat and it is the same hull as a 230. Only problem is they didn't make the 236 until 07. Make sure he isn't looking at a 226, if so prob not the best fit. The 230 can make a good wave, but probably not an enzo quality wave. If he likes to wake board more so than surf then it may be the boat for him.

nailem 09-03-2012 6:25 AM

you say they did not make them till 07' so i started to to think scam. i had him send me the link and it is is an 07' not an 06'. when he texted me the info the first time he typed it wrong.
i found some others for sale in his range so compare:
07' cc 236 vs. 08' malibu V-ride vs. 06' malibu LSV vs. 08' Tige 22VE
all are equipped about the same.

mhunter 09-03-2012 5:02 PM

Go with the 236 if it checks out good.

polarbill 09-03-2012 6:02 PM

The '08 vride is a way smaller boat. It is the original wakesetter VLX. honestly out of the other 3 the tige is probably the best rought water boat and best surf boat. Also, you may be able to find Tige 24ve's in that price range also. Very similar to the 22ve just 2' bigger. Other boats I would consider are the Enzo 230, Enzo 240, maybe an 06-07 X45 and probably a couple other boats.

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