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monkey_butt 09-02-2012 10:04 AM

Floe boat lift locked up
bought a Floe VSD5000 lift earlier this season with electric power. Was pretty happy about it but the guy who put it into the lake (not the seller) warned me that the lift may have not seen the grease it was supposed to get every season. So I looked up manual - bought grease and gun and put in the required amount into the opening w/o realising that it should go into the ball screw itself.

After reading it again - I did what the instructions said and this time grease the actual ball screw instead of the thread it travels to raise/lower the lift.

3 days ago the whole thing started to sound kinda funny and I was wondering if I need to grease it again even though it says once a year only. Needless to say - yesterday when I tried to lower it - the sounds got worse so I got grease gun out immediately and put some grease on the screw just hoping that it would help ... unfortunately a few turns later the lift stopped and pretty much came to grinding halt.

Timing is obviously perfect being labor day weekend - so no Floe dealer is open and I'm stuck with a boat on the lift. I know that I can possibly lower all the legs enough to get the boat off even though the manual says not to do so but I prefer not to have the load of the boat on the darn thing before attempting to open it up obviously and do assume that the same would apply to a service guy. However has anybody experienced the same issue and figured out what to do w/o calling a dealer?

Just for completion purposes - here's the link to the manual:
http://www.floeintl.com/assets/pdf/500-90108-01.pdf - the exploded view is on page 34

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