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Reez 09-01-2012 7:52 AM

How much can I expect on trade in for 06 supra 21v???
I am looking at trading I the supra but need to get a fair price for it so I can upgrade. Boat has 350 hours wet sounds rev 8s and upgraded ballast system. Interior is clean and exterior is in good shape is in good shape. Red color scheme with the s logo. I know you get screwed
On tradeins but I just need to get at least 30k so I can upgrade. Paid 33 for t l
A year ago before wet sounds and ballast upgrades

Raf1985 09-01-2012 9:19 AM

It really depends on the dealer. Some of them will try to bend you over, others will play with the numbers to make it sound like you are getting bank for the boat. In the end just make sure you see all the numbers and price difference on paper.

I tried to trade in a 530i on a X5. They tried telling me my 20k car is only worth 7k, and then jacked the price of the X5 up by 7K over book value. Salespeople are scum.

idaho_hillbilly 09-01-2012 3:27 PM

Oh, boy! This should provide for some interesting opinions.

It's all about the difference between boat price and trade. If your expecting to get a good deal on your trade-in, it's not going to happen. Sell it outright and you'll come out better money wise.

gatorboy112 09-01-2012 4:09 PM

what i would do is go to the dealer and make your deal. see what the bottom dollar they are going to do on their boat and will be giving you for yours. the only advantage of trading something in is you only pay taxes on the difference of the purchase. if they're giving you 30k for yours and the boat you want is 70k and lets say tax is 10% to make it easier, instead of paying 7k in taxes on your new boat you'll only have to pay 4k , which would be the same as you selling your boat right out for 33k and buying the new boat for 77k with taxes. if you think you could get more than 33k for your boat, and it's worth the time and hassle of selling a boat, then i'd go that route but selling your boat for what the dealer will give you to me is a bad idea since you'll pay more out of pocket on taxes.

ifinallygota21v 09-01-2012 6:13 PM

Look and see what they are selling for on the net (onlyinboards) and take 10% off. It's not accurate but will give you a ballpark

idaho_hillbilly 09-01-2012 8:00 PM

There is no dealer in the WORLD that would only have a 10% difference between their trade in value and what you can get the boat on the open market. That means you are getting screwed on the new boat. Again...it's all about the difference. The only time it's better to trade-in is when you don't want to mess with selling something out right.

IMO, they will not give you $30k trade for your boat. But, they can roll the remainder of the Supra's loan into the new boat....if there is enough equity. Oh, you gotta love credit....sending people to deep debt every day! :D

boardman74 09-03-2012 7:01 AM

I totally agree with KDA, no dealer is giving anywhere close to retail-10%. Maybe onlyinboard list prices-25%, I would think is alot closer. Like some said forget about the numbers and worry about the DIFFERENCE. They try and confuse the number and then sell you the payment.

In the process of doing that dance now. Its not always fun but we had a bad selling experience and the wife says its going to be traded to a dealer and be done with. The dealer offered me about 70% of retail and then wants me to pay full retail for their boat. You have to work it to where you are comfortable. Makes it hard when you are in love with the new boat or to emotionally attached to the old one. Don't be afraid to walk away.

rplogue7 09-03-2012 8:20 AM

An 06 supra is probably worth in the upper 20ks, supra doesn't quite have the reputation as mastercraft or nautique, but you'll still get a good wakeboarding performAnce boat out of it.

polarbill 09-03-2012 10:33 AM

Without actually seeing your boat I would say a 2006 21V is worth in the 32,500-35k range retail. I would expect to get about 27.5k or so as a trade in assuming you are getting a fair price on the new boat.

Others mentioned that really what they give you for trade in has a lot to do with what they are making on the new boat. If you are getting raped on the new boat they might give you close to retail. If they are giving you a great deal on the new boat and/or selling you a leftover for a big discount they might only give you bottom dollar trade in on your boat.

Someone mentioned but keep in mind the sales tax you will save by trading in. This is assuming you actually have to pay sales tax in your state. For example, in Seattle our sales tax is almost 10%. If your current boat is worth about 32.5k to sell yourself and the dealer is offering you 27.5k you aren't actually losing out on 5k. You would pay about 2750 less in tax trading your boat in on a new boat so the difference is closer to 2-3 grand and you don't have to worry about selling your boat.

I would go in to the dealership and negotiate a price on the new boat and not even mention you have a boat to trade in. Then you might actually get a real world fair deal on the new boat. Once this is negotiated then let them know you have to wait to sell your boat or trade it in. Then don't take less then 27.5k trade in. '

Also, you can post on here what you are looking at so we can try and let you know if you are getting a solid price on the new boat.

sandm01 09-03-2012 8:01 PM

it all depends on how bad the dealer wants to sell a new boat. pm if you want details, but I got mid30's on my 20ssv as a trade(06 with 320hrs) on a new tige 22ve and still saw 5figure discounts off msrp. there are deals to be had and not every trade in is a bend over :) I figure I ended up saving 2k by trading vs selling my self..

tyler97217 09-04-2012 10:44 AM

I think Brett is on the money on this one....

Reez 09-04-2012 10:48 AM

Thanks for the insight fellas. Still waiting on a call back. If anyone is looking for a deal on boat let me know!

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