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SS_Hooke102 08-31-2012 8:24 PM

breaking boards...
I have a 2011 SS Hooke and after teaching a friend of mine how to w2w, he caught an edge and ripped the fast track binding mounts completely out of the board. Does any one have any advice for me? Should they cover me under warranty and hook me up with a new board? I just have a hard time thinking I paid almost $500 for a board a year ago and it already broke...

TheHebrewHammer 08-31-2012 9:11 PM

I did this to my 2012 Recoil. A year is a pretty long time for a board to last, depending on how/how much you ride it. I'm on my third board of the year. How long is the warranty? Slingshot's warranty people are very good, but if your warranty is expired then you'll have to lean on their human kindness. Hopefully you'll get a new one, but I'd say you got your money's worth.

Dj2up10 08-31-2012 9:24 PM

This is a tough one. It really does have so much to do with where you ride. If you're a boat only-seasonal rider like myself-a fast track ripping out when you might have owned the board for a year but haven't ridden it much is tough to swallow. It makes the warranty period a bit goofy. I hope they show some grace if that is similar to your circumstance.

I'd be curious to sit in on companies discussions about how to properly handle this very issue since customer service is such a huge part of our sport-slingshot being one of the best IMO-but it does seem as though so much wake boarding product is returned often.

I finally picked up a 2012 recoil a few weeks ago and can't say enough about the ride- haven't been this stoked on a wakeboard in a long time. But my season is closing soon (will have ridden a dozen or so sets) but will pick up the board next may or so and will hopefully get a full summer next year. well see....

Dustfarter 09-01-2012 12:11 AM

Yes the board is a year old but the fast track for 2011 was weak as **** and SS had major problems with it. They beefed it up a lot for 2012 because of this. IMHO they should replace it no questions asked.....just ask nicely:)

TheHebrewHammer 09-01-2012 7:16 AM

Ya, the 2011 track is weak, but 2012 isn't much better, as I found out. It's still breakable and I had a problem with the bindings sliding while I was riding. Hopefully they've got their **** straight for 2013.

SS_Hooke102 09-01-2012 7:52 AM

Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it. I was plenty polite when I called them so hopefully we can work something out. If not I guess I'll just be riding my pig (Ronix One, so slow!). I will be sure to repost and let you know the out come of our correspondence!

SS_Hooke102 09-01-2012 7:54 AM

@DJ- I am a boat only rider, we get about a 4 maybe 4 1/2 month season. I ride a lot, but not year round. Too cold here in WA!

simplej 09-01-2012 9:53 AM

I have the same season. Considering I dropped big bills on a slingshot I'm hoping it will last me. If the fast track is the only thing that goes on them though then I guess that's not a huge concern. I would hope that a slingshot being wood, and only ridden on the wake, would last much longer. I ride about 100 days a year, probably a little less, I'm hoping to make it 3 seasons.

Bryce, just hopped off a ronix 1 to a kine. Have fun on that board... In case you don't remember it has just about the hardest landings ever.

SS_Hooke102 09-01-2012 8:58 PM

@simplej- dude, it really does and it is slow as all h***. None the less had some fun today, rode a bit and did some wake to wake stuff, no flats with that board lol. I'm really hoping they pull through for me, it's only been one set with out it and i miss my hooke so much!

simplej 09-02-2012 7:38 AM

Brye, they're warranty is pretty good. I ripped the liner of my ktvs and theyre sending my dealer a fresh new pair! I would hope that you could in the very least get a deal on a new one from them or via your dealer if he's good, that is if you're not getting a new one

SS_Hooke102 09-02-2012 12:27 PM

We don't have a slingshot local dealer :( I ordered from evo.

SS_Hooke102 09-04-2012 5:59 PM

Just heard back from the slingshot rep.... My board is one month over warranty, due to this they cannot replace my board, but feel bad so they are willing to offer me a "sweet deal" on a '13. I will be interested to see how sweet the deal is. Will update upon hearing back. Little disappointed at this point... :(

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