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greglb842 08-31-2012 4:20 AM

Cannot keep consistent boat speed
We got a new used boat 1999 Crownline with a 5.0 V8 Merc.

I thought once we used it for wakeboarding it would just cruise no problem because of the power. We did better with our old Four winns. I cannot afford perfect pass. Any suggestions??? It has a 19 pitch prop on it and a tower. thanks

cadunkle 08-31-2012 4:36 AM

It's an I/O with a small engine, and you're trying to hold a steady speed right above planing speed. It's gonna be hard to hold speed, just how it goes. Been tehre done that, I used to ride behind a 21' I/O with a 305 so I know how it goes. Tiny engine, big boat. Save your pennies and get PP. If you can afford to buy a boat and put gas in it, you can afford PP. Save your gas money over the winter and order it for spring. Also check out RideSteady. Looks like a quality system and a bit cheaper. Or just learn to drive better (it sucks, you'll give great pulls but nobody will give you a good pull), and save your money for an inboard in a season or two.

benjaminp 08-31-2012 6:08 AM

Keep your hand on the throttle and your eye on the speedo. Thats just how it goes in I/O's.

jarrod 08-31-2012 7:29 AM

perfect pass is no guarantee either. for some boats, that won't solve the problem. I would talk to perfect pass and find someone with your boat that has done it.

Are you running a lot of weight in the rear?

greglb842 08-31-2012 8:07 AM

no not alot of weight anywhere really

dezul 08-31-2012 9:34 AM

Have you tried a different prop with a lower pitch? Just a suggestion. You have plenty of engine. You will have to keep an eye on that speed and save this winter for a perfect pass system.

psudy 08-31-2012 9:53 AM

It takes small adjustments and a good ear. You have to listen to the engine to hear the RPMs coming up and back down the throttle before the speed increases(and vice versa) otherwise you will always be too late.

bcrider 08-31-2012 10:17 AM

Watch your rpms as they will be more accurate. As a bigger guy I can slow my boat down with a hard cut. Your driver or when you are driving you may have to give a bit more throttle when someone is cutting out and ease off when cutting back in. Prop change may help but it will just be small adjustments otherwise when driving.

hco 08-31-2012 6:58 PM

Its an I/O, youll be pulling the boat around alot and you gotta start going by RPM's.

trdon 09-01-2012 5:55 AM

I would say for the price, trying a stingray fin or some other type of hydrofoil is worth a shot. It will keep you on plane better witch will translate to more consistent speed instead of teetering between being on and off plane. The one I got for my dads bass boat worked wonders and was only $60

rplogue7 09-01-2012 8:27 AM

My mastercraft x-2's cruise control can still mess up when we jump behind it because the weight of the rider can change from the turn to the jump, and the boat will speed up a little so whoever is driving my boat does take account and still has to let down on the throttle

migs 09-01-2012 8:52 AM

Dont bother with mph. Just focus on rpm's.

501s 09-01-2012 6:57 PM

The worst part about learning how to get your I/O to give a "decent" pull through all of the techniques mentioned above is only other riders will get a good pull. You, the owner of the boat will not. There are many people on here who have been there and done that. If you plan to wakeboard behind this boat a fair amount you owe it to YOURSELF to get perfect pass.

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