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tampawake 08-30-2012 7:41 AM

Interstate Battery
Hey guys just curious what interstate batteries should i get for my boat. Two bank set up with no isolators and perko.

bryce2320 08-30-2012 11:40 AM

I have two interstate 29s and so far I love them. $125 a piece and I think 115 ah each

polarbill 08-30-2012 11:48 AM

SRM-29 or whatever is the biggest deep cycle/starting battery you can get.

kko13 08-30-2012 2:03 PM

I run the 24M-XHD on the engine and the SRM-29 on the house battery. Only problem I see for you is with those little sticks you call arms the SRM-29 might be a little heavy for ya!! Need help lifting it in the boat let me know I am here for ya buddy! ;) :D

whelchel86 08-31-2012 9:47 PM


tampawake 09-01-2012 5:59 AM

Thanks Kevin I need to work the p90x like you and get buff. The 4inch biceps just aren't getting it done.

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