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Reez 08-30-2012 6:35 AM

Tell me about Mombasa mojo
Currently in a supra 21v . Price tag on the mojo is in my wheel house . How is the wake etc? Compared to other boats in it's range?

08-30-2012 7:06 AM

I took one out this summer at a demo day. Handles great for a big boat. Wakeboard wake is really good, I thought it had alot of pop with just stock ballast. I felt that it was narrower than some of the other wakes I have riden but that's just me and I personally prefer a narrow wake. The surf wake was super nice as well, we just had the stock 400 in the rear full and the belly tank full with 5 people and it was long and had alot of push. It's just a solid boat, and I personally loved it. REALLY hard to dunk the nose on it as well, which I really liked. Are you looking at a 2012 or a 2013? I think they upgraded the rear bags for 2013 which is really nice for surfing.

Reez 08-30-2012 8:43 AM

Are they bags or hard tanks??? How is the interior? Im not familier with moomba but i know on comparable boats in the price range such as axis the vinyl is pretty thin

Reez 08-30-2012 8:46 AM

Also how consisten was the wake. My 21V is SUPER weight sensitive and one side always seems a bit washed

501s 08-30-2012 9:22 AM

Mojo has a great wake and wave. With 1100's in the rear (it only has rear bags) the wake and wave are huge. Its not as sensitive as other Moomba/Supras but still a bit sensitive weight wise. Storage and seating space is second to none. Overall a great value for a new boat. I prefer almost everything about the Mojo over the A22.

08-30-2012 9:28 AM

It has two bags (400s I think) in the rear hatches and a 500 (I think that's the number) hard tank up front. The rear storage has enough space to fit 1100s on both sides. The interior is in my opinion, better quality than the Axis but I'm sure others on here will have different opinions. It seems more plush and comfortable to me where as the Axis seems kind of plain. The wake was not that weight sensitive when I rode it but Moomba does use the same type design as Supra with the Drop-V keel. It does however like bow weight so more people in the front is something I would think about or maybe even an IBS if you're running alot of weight in the rear. It has a ton of storage which is one of its best features to me at least.

JEr 08-30-2012 12:25 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Well I bought one back in May and I have no complaints at all with my purchase. The wake is a little touchy but for the most part with ballast full (both 1100's in rear, 450 hard tank middle and 300 up in nose) its BIG and fun. Surf wave is really good lots of push and pretty long. Interior is great (one thing i dont like too much is the white interior gel but this is standard for 2012) layout is very spacoius lots of storage and the vynyl is pretty good (i would say for the price point its probably the nicest)

here are a few pics, not that great of water this day but it works. Boat set up was full ballast for wake with just driver and camera man on board. And surf was 1000# left side, 450 center, and 300 ish up front in furthest from compartment.

Attachment 25039

Attachment 25040

Attachment 25041

Attachment 25042

JEr 08-30-2012 12:39 PM

Also forgot to add a bit. The boat weighted down is great but it doesnt need to be slammed to have fun. With empty ballast boat is great for beginners at slower speeds and very clean. ( we has a friends 4 year old learn behind our boat) So to conclude mojo=winning in my books for all ages and abilities.

polarbill 08-30-2012 1:14 PM

Jeremy, do you really fill both rears with just 750 up front. That would be 750 front and 2200 rear. That is a crap ton of weight in the back compared to front. I wonder if that is why the wake is finicky?

hillbilly 08-30-2012 1:33 PM

I agree^^^^^^
Moombas like nose weight....or at least mine does.
Try filling the rear bags about half and leave the 750 up front and bet it gets better.

JEr 08-30-2012 1:35 PM

Ya brett, i am in the process of figuring out what to do as i would like to add around 600 to 800 total up front but want it all hidden so for the moment it sits like that. This would probably totally fix that issue but i havnt had the alone time in the boat to slam it even more, hopefully soon so i can work on something thru the winter. Even with the big difference from front to back its not that finicky, ( i said its a little in my previous post but its very managable) only at slower speeds, say anything over 22.5 its pretty solid. And like i said the boat in general i wouldnt change anything. I really like my MOJO

Reez 08-30-2012 1:41 PM

Is the wake wide? My supra has a bit
Of a wide wake

JEr 08-30-2012 1:52 PM

Umm wake is a little wider than my buddies old 2008 XLV and my other buddys 2011 LSV but its still narrower than the 2012 X-30 which i have been behind them all. By all means the width of the wake is not hard to go w2w and to me it makes it even more fun to work on new tricks and not have to worry about getting that extra little bit of speed to make the other wake. i am sure tho with some more nose weight it would probably widen the wake a bit too if you are looking for a wider wake.

501s 09-02-2012 1:57 PM

The new 2013. Looks like they upped their game again: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moombab...n/photostream/

Reez 09-06-2012 11:07 AM

what other wake would you compare it too?

kme3113 09-07-2012 12:36 PM

Inside of the Mojo looks nicer than the Axis for sure. I am not sure if the front seating area is as wide though... anyone know if this is true? Just estimating from the pictures

DBurke 09-07-2012 3:44 PM

I'm a die hard Axis fan but I must admit with the price increase and changes made to the 2013 Axis I think the Mojo is a better buy.

501s 09-07-2012 5:38 PM

The mojo has storage under the entire bow. A TON of storage. The A22 has zero. To me that's a big difference.

09-07-2012 5:59 PM

The pictures don't do the amount of space in the Mojo justice, it's a really roomy boat. The bow is alot bigger in person.

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