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rplogue7 08-28-2012 6:28 PM

Weekend Wakeboard Edit (sorry other post link was messed up)
I made an edit this past weekend and I'd like you to see it. Thanks for all the wonderful help, support, and tips that you guys gave me. It has paid off.

Heres the video (sorry my last post's link was invalid and i could not edit it)


wakebordr11 08-28-2012 6:39 PM

Hold your edge, you're flattening out half way on your cut

dezul 08-28-2012 6:55 PM

Shorten the rope up. It will help you get w2w and comfortable landing. I have been running at 50' and it feels good for now. Expect to land in the flats after your comfortable though. Keep it up and keep practicing. You definitely pull your lead leg up higher than I do.

cwb4me 08-28-2012 7:13 PM

When you cut out settle down on a flat edge till the boat starts pulling you back to the wake.Then start building your edge so your at your best edge at the wake.Stand tall on edge through the wake and keep the handle on your lead hip.The line length looks okay your just not on edge going through the wake and you need to be more even weighted.You are pushing more off your back foot,that's why the front of the board shoots up.Good Luck!

rplogue7 08-29-2012 2:02 PM

Before I made this video i had no idea i had to hold an edge up the actual wake. thanks guys!!

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