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CobraRob 08-28-2012 4:49 PM

Packing for a haul from Portland to Texas...
Getting new tires on the trailer tomorrow.
Throwing a floor jack in the truck just in case.
I will already have a pretty extensive tool kit with me as part of what I need for work.

I can't think of anything else special I might want to bring.

Backstory... I have to go to Austin for work from 9/10- ~ 10/1 ish.... I am going to take another 10-12 days vacation at the end of it too. Don't really have much in the way of plans but since our season will be over this weekend here. I thought I could get another month of use out of it there. Work will pay for my gas down and back so that is not an issue. Would be pulling the X45 with a 2012 F250 so should be no issue there either. If anyone in the Austin or Houston area wants a ride or go out to a tie up I am down since I am not sure I will have too many people that will be available to go unlike here.

rdlangston13 08-28-2012 6:21 PM

you should head to the GCWA fall bash in Riverside while you are here. Dates are sept 14-16.

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