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dougr 08-28-2012 4:06 PM

maybe moving to nc or sc Where to live?
i may take a job with one of my companies manufactorers, being there rep. I am going to be covering all of nc and sc. I was thinking somewhere in the middle Charlette? Where to live, lakes, etc etc any help would be great.. thanks

chpthril 08-28-2012 5:35 PM

In the Charlotte are, we have Lake Norman to the north, Mountain Island in the middle and then Wylie to the south, crossing the NC/SC state line. Further down river into SC, there is Wateree. Up river to the north west of CLT, is Lake Hickory. In the CLT area, you are 2 hrs from the mountains (couple of nice lakes if you trailer) and 3.5 to the beaches. And the best BBQ in the country :)

To the south east, toward Greenville SC area, there's Lake Hartwell. To the west of CLt toward Asheboro, there's High Rock and Badin.

dougr 08-28-2012 5:45 PM

i have been checking out lakes as well as trying to be centered around the entire territory, looks like charlette is almost dead center of sc and nc. not sure, but my buddy lives in columbia, so i am going to talk to him. I want to rent for a yr and then purchase lake front, school district is not a concern, but i would like to be within a fair distance to a major airport, i was told rock hill is nice, just south of charlotte

chpthril 08-28-2012 5:59 PM

CLT is about as centered as you can get. 3 to Raleigh, 4 to Myrtle Beach or Wilmington, 1.5 to Columbia or Greenville and 3.5 to Charleston. Airport is just on the edge of the city and is accessible via 85, 77 and 485.

IMO, Lake Wylie is the best for all around boating. Less populated then Norman, but still has a decent party seen for those that like that. The south end of the lake is the nicest, especially up the Big Alison or Little Alison Creeks. Only real down side of Wylie is that we only have one on the water restaurant, and their food aint all that. 7 public ramps and none are ever supper packed. The Rock Hill/Fort Mill/Tega Key area would put you on the south end of the lake.

dougr 08-28-2012 6:35 PM

i have been looking at homes on the lakes, is wylie affordable compared to the others. etc etc. i guess i want something that is more wooded, less traffic, but still have a few marinas, a restaurant would be nice, but i plan on buying waterfront property. but i dont want stuck without fuel on the lake. i need to take a trip down in a few weeks and look around. I live in pgh pa so we have the rivers in the city, plus a bunch of lakes within an hour. so we are spoiled with mountain lakes in state park areas. I have been on lake norman but that was a long time ago. i also dont want to have to drive 30 min to get to a grocery store, restaurant, things like that

chpthril 08-28-2012 7:03 PM

Since the economy tanked in 08, I honestly cant say what the housing and property market is doing now, but historically, your dollar has gone further on Wylie then Norman. There are about 5-6 marinas that sell gas, ice etc. most are open 6 days a week during the summer, closed on Mondays. I really cant think of any where around Wylie that is too far from civilization like grocery stores, home improvement stores, restaurants, etc.

Norman on the other hand is a big lake. Some spots way up north might be kinda in the boonies.

ncsuuh 08-29-2012 5:54 AM

My parents live on the West side of Norman in Denver. Secluded and some of the property is more affordable. The North, East, and Northeast areas are going to be the most expensive and highest property tax. Cornelius has The Peninsula and Mooresville has The Point, Donald Trump just bought into. If you are going to be doing travel it's accessible to I-40, I-77, Hwy 301, 16, and 73. Tons of places to grab food, gas, places to ride. Not very crowded as people typically head towards the sandbar.

Mt. Island is probably the best lake for what you are looking for IMO. The properties are a little more affordable. You won't see any of the 40ft cruisers like you will see on Norman. There is a couple mile stretch towards the dam that is unreal. Some of the best riding. You can ride it on a Saturday afternoon and it's glass. Surrounded by protected park/habitat. It's about a 15 minute drive to downtown Charlotte and about 10 minutes to I-77 and I-85. The only downside is Charlotte gets their drinking water from Mt. Island so you will need to bring fuel to your boat. But there are gas stations about a mile from the largest neighborhood, Wal-Mart, Grocery store, restaurants, etc.

I have ridden on Lake Wylie a few times. It is also very secluded and wooded. Don't really have too much experience with Lake Wylie.

All in all it will depend on where you want to live. It sounds like Charlotte or the surrounding area is your best bet. Raleigh has lakes but you are limited because you can't live on them. Also not centrally located. If you are young(er) and don't mind getting fuel, I would go with Mt. Island. All around great riding and very close to downtown Charlotte.

surffresh 08-29-2012 6:06 AM

I just moved to the Charlotte area in the spring, loving it here, have been out on all, Mt. Island is good but kind of small, Norman is super clean and week days are awesome, I live in the Huntersville area, it has everything and keep the boat in a Marina 500yards from our dealership. Just can not say how great the area is ! Looking forward to riding with you guys ! Hit me up !

dougr 08-29-2012 6:13 AM

i am 37 and my girl is 30 so we are still young enough to not trade in the vdrive for a pontoon, but i want to stay around 400k for a home, but plan on living there for 1 year renting until i sell my home here. I am thinking of coming down next week. my brother lives in atlanta so, maybe fly down to see him and drive up for the evening. just start the process thanks for the info. i will take all i can get thanks

jhartt3 08-29-2012 6:18 AM


Originally Posted by chpthril (Post 1779104)
And the best BBQ in the country :).

If you like runny sauce and pulled pork and havent heard of real BBQ i guess you might be right.

chpthril 08-29-2012 1:30 PM


Originally Posted by jhartt3 (Post 1779208)
If you like runny sauce and pulled pork and havent heard of real BBQ i guess you might be right.

Sorry, no over cooked cow drowned in ketchup here, only the best Boston Butt slow cooked and marinated with seasoned vinegar sauce. ;) :D

dougr 08-29-2012 5:07 PM

i thought there was both bbq options in nc and sc. i like them both, so lets not fight and all be friends, ok back to the important part.lol where to live. my lake is aprox 14 miles long, half river ish and half open. its cheat in wv, i like having the balance of both river to get great glass and the open area to catch some rays. i have been diggin wylie and doing a lot of searching on homes. seems like i can get a great home from 350k to 500k i hope this works out with the company. should know soon

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