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cibolasam 08-28-2012 6:37 AM

Jl 750/1-Jl 10W6
I am switching out my Jl Audio 500/1 and installing a Jl Audio 750/1. Can anyone please give me a good place to start on the initial settings of this amp. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sam

bushtree 08-28-2012 9:21 AM

filter set to "low" pass filter (LPF)
crossover frequency tuned to ~80hz
crossover set to "12db"
subsonic filter (30hz) set to "off" if in sealed box, or if in a ported/vented box set to "on"

Gain setting is going to depend on your source unit etc. Learn to set gain via one of the available methods ( by ear, by DMM, by DD-1, by scope etc)

That would be a good starting point. If i remember correctly, those are all the settings on the 750/1 and what they are labeled.

Brendon444 08-28-2012 2:22 PM

How much are you going to gain upgrading to the 750 over the 500. Would like to here how your setup responds to the upgrade.. I'm running 900/5 so 500 watts to a alpine type R 12" and was wondering if i would gain much going to a 750 or 1000. Thanks.

murphy_smith 08-28-2012 4:52 PM

On a W6 woofer, there is very noticeable gain going from 500 watts to 750 watts.

I took a 12w6 from 600 watts to a 1000 watts this summer....and it came ALIVE

Truekaotik 08-28-2012 6:10 PM

Nice to see people are finally understanding how conservatively rated JL really is.. :) they have always loved more power than spec'd... It's this era's stroker... Most won't remember these...

cibolasam 08-30-2012 6:57 AM

Thanks for the replys, I have always liked Jl Amps. I'm sure there are better but I've had great luck with them. I will let you know the difference between the 500 and the 750 after this weekend as I haven't installed it yet. The box is ported so it was mentionioned to turn the subsonic filter on. Can someone please school me on what this is and how it works. I am not a pro by any means when it comes to audio, I just like super clean sound and anything I can do to get this is greatly appreciated, Thanks

bushtree 08-30-2012 7:37 AM

the subsonic filter essentially stops the woofer from playing any notes below the specific level. In the JL amp I believe it is fixed at 30hz (some amps are adjustable).

The reason you need to do this with a ported box is because all ported boxes are "tuned" to a certain frequency. If you play the sub below the box tuning frequency, there is not enough acoustic suspension or resistance in the air to keep the sub from bottoming out and causing damage to the subwoofer itself.

david_e_m 08-30-2012 7:43 AM

For the reasons above plus....by removing the bandwidth from both the amplifier and subwoofer below what can be reproduced, you are significantly cleaning up what is being reproduced. All that wasted excursion really hurts your control.

Earnark Marine

cibolasam 08-30-2012 8:55 PM

The guy I had make the box said it was perfect for a JL 10W6. How do I determine what the box was tuned at?

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