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jperkinsttu 08-28-2012 5:11 AM

Snowboard trip....need gear
Hey guys I'm going in my first snowboard trip in forever and have no gear whatsoever. Wondering what kind of pants, jacket, base layers to get. Going to Breckinridge Dec 7-11. Stuff is still kinda cheap so I'm just looking for what type of materials to get and whether or not I'd need insulated pants or not.

augie_09 08-28-2012 6:03 AM

Breckenfridge can get a little cold, but I've always been fine with my 686 smarty originals, which have removable fleece liners. If its real cold I'll throw a thin base layer on under neath.

augie_09 08-28-2012 6:50 AM

as for coats, my insulated coat has been a little too hot for me even with vents on pants and coat open. although it's nice on super cold mornings going up the lift, I hate it by mid day. I'd look into a good waterproof shell with a nice light to mid weight fleece.

if you need gloves, highly recommend the dakine cobra. my have lasted many seasons and still in great shape. can't go wrong with leather + goretex + fleece liner.
if you need googles, spherical polarized lenses are pricey, but so worth it.

keep an eye on whisky militia and the other clearance sites owned by backcountry/dogfunk

jperkinsttu 08-28-2012 7:03 AM

Thanks augie. I appreciate it. I'm pretty stoked

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