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petrie141 08-27-2012 4:46 PM

Tower height once the tower is collapsed? pics?
Does anyone have any photos of their aftermarket wake tower when it's down? I'm trying to find out how low it can sit when they're collapsed. We're limited on space since our boat stays in the garage. I've been looking on the monster website but can't find any pics of the tower when it's down. The tower we'll purchase can't stick up over 21". It would be preferred that it didn't stick up over the windshield, but i'm not sure that's possible. Also, and I know asking this is dangerous, but has anyone purchased a tower from a marina/dealer and had them install it? How much did that cost? I know "I should just do it myself with a few power tools and elbow grease", but I don't offer a guarantee or warrantee. Not to mention if I mess up the boat during the install, I don't have the knowhow or means to fix it myself. Thanks y'all!

wakebrdr94 08-28-2012 12:24 AM

I don't know your boat, but a Titan tower (star one) folds pretty flat. BBQs it on my old vlx and it was pretty close to windshield height

wakebrdr94 08-30-2012 6:14 PM

Not sure how in misspelled "had" to to BBQ, but ok. Love autocorrect

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