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suprarider822 08-27-2012 8:59 AM

2012 Liquid Force Domain Bindings (feedback)
I recently recieved my new domain bindings from liquid force. Ive rode my board with them twice and i am very unsatisfied with them. They seem very rigid with no bottom cushion for your feet. Yesterday while attempting a backroll I cased the wake and swore i broke my ankles because of the bindings. Today both of the bottoms of my feet are black and blue and ankles are extremely sore. I sent an email to L.F lastnight stating my dissatisfaction with these bindings. I am hoping they will return them so I can get something with more support and comfort.
Do you think they will do this for me? Has anyone else had this problem with these bindings? My last bindings were the 2010 domains and i have to complaint with them. (and im riding a new watson classic) Any feedback is appreciated

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