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davez71 08-26-2012 4:06 PM

Wetsounds SYN-2, Ayone ever have this happen...
While I was out on the boat this weekend I was taking the rope off of my tower when I noticed the speaker was cutting in/out. We had a problem earlier in the summer with a the other side set of speakers cutting in/out and it was just a lose cable. When I went to see to check the amp, the wire was lose so I figured I would just screw it back in.

This is what I donít understand. All of the thread to screw the into the speaker channel were gone. I mean there were no shavings or anything in the channel slot or anything. it was almost like they melted away? The screw was jammed up in there and the wire was bouncing back and forth which was causing the speaker to cut in and out. I was able to rigid it to work for the weekend however that was only temporary.

Has anyone ever had this happen before?

Do the amps come with a warranty? Itís not even 6 months old as we bought the boat brand new in April and the dealer added 4 revs8 and a syn-2 amp. Anyone know what I should do?

Btw, the Revs8 are amazing and the syn-2 amp never overheats and plays amazing.


david_e_m 08-26-2012 5:49 PM

After installing tons of these amplifiers I can't recall seeing this before. Non-corrosive stainless steel terminals and hardware may be a little softer. Over-torguing or cross-threading could contribute. But the exact cause really doesn't matter because Wetsounds is great about working with people on issues like this. So give Wetsounds a ring.

stevev210 08-26-2012 7:45 PM

David C, I have the same exact setup, what are your settings on your syn-2...hrtz and gain levels?

kskonn 08-26-2012 9:52 PM

Wet sounds defines customer service in my experience. Give them a shout, I bet Tim posts in this thread before you get around to call them. Don't worry you will be covered.

davez71 08-27-2012 8:42 AM


Originally Posted by stevev210 (Post 1778569)
David C, I have the same exact setup, what are your settings on your syn-2...hrtz and gain levels?

Im not really sure. Im not near the boat because we picked it up and stored it for the hurricane approaching. I can find out. Mine sounds great and really loud. Wetsounds rock!!!!!

I have never seen this on an amp before. The set screw almost looks like its too small for the hole. Also, where the threads should be is completely smooth which is whats puzzling to me.

kskonn 08-27-2012 11:24 AM

Did you install it or did a ship do it for you? Almost sounds like a screw was lost and someone tried to replace it with the wrong one.

stevev210 08-27-2012 7:16 PM

Sounds good David, hit me up when u see your boat again...be safe over there!

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