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9645glazier 08-25-2012 7:37 PM

2008 X-2 Ballast Issues
We have a 2008 X-2, stock ballast plus the Fly High kit plumbed in through the overflow valves. We haven't been to our house in over a month, so the boat has been sitting on the lift for that time period. We got in the boat today and it wouldn't turn over, after jumping it with a portable battery charger we got it going. The boat filled the factory tanks and the bags, and we got underway for a quick session. When we went to empty the ballast on our way back to the lift, the ballast switches are flashing immediately after turning them on and the bags are not emptying into the hard tanks, which aren't emptying back into the lake.

I can't hear the impellers turning at all, so I was going to take apart the pumps tomorrow morning and take a look at them all. However, I find it weird that all three pumps canned out at the exact same time. Another idea is that since the boat was dead, maybe our batteries are going, and need to replaced or a good charge and that the system can't create the suction power to pump the water back out. Last option is that something is stuck in the inflow/outflow line, however I'm assuming each tank gets its own in/out line so it would be highly unlikely all three of them clogged at the same time.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a shout as to what it might be.

boardman74 08-25-2012 8:14 PM

Most of the boats I have seen have a separate pickup for each pump. I also find it hard to believe they all crapped at once. The first thing I would do is give the batteries a good charge and then load test them. You already know the power is suspect, might as well rule it out first.

Readyaimfire 08-25-2012 8:37 PM

Do u have the dumb ballast timers? If so, they might be sensing some wierd amperage drop from a weak battery. Charge up your battery and try again. Those mastercraft bAllast timers are nothing but trouble.

xstarrider 08-25-2012 9:24 PM

Check two things

One could be the voltage getting to the pumps if you're batteries are toast the may not be getting enough juice. Are you keeping the rpm's above 1500? U need to to that to have the pumps operate at their full potential.

Second. With the pumps sitting for a while the impeller may be toast. Could happen to all three if they were on their way out. When they sit like that they tend to get stuck to the housing. A little forward reverse action will break them free.

9645glazier 08-27-2012 1:11 PM

Got them working, both of my batteries were gone essentially. Thanks for the help everyone.

jordanleininger21 08-27-2012 2:39 PM

This has happened on my 2008 Mastercraft X14. I had to get a brand new battery because it ruined mine.

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