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rplogue7 08-25-2012 7:45 AM

Still working on the wake to wake jumps (with video)

Still working on them, and part of me thinks that the particular reason that why i wasnt getting as far in this video is because it was a little rough. I do live on a big lake, which can be good, and bad at the same time.

Anyways, im using my phalanx mainline for the first time at 60' and that thing is awesome! There is one clip where I either knuckled the top of the wake, or got it but im not sure. I love wakeboarding and will definitely have this down next time i go on the boat.

stephan 08-25-2012 1:00 PM

Step 1: Get your boat driver to drive a straight line. Have them pick a spot on the shoreline and hold the line until they have to turn. Then turn and pick a new spot. Jumping while turning is just making things harder for you.

Step 2: Research the progressive edge. You are cutting hard at first and backing off as you get closer to the wake. You want to start slow and edge harder as you get closer to the wake. You want to load the line and basically have the most tension on the line as you ride up the wake. You will feel it when you get it right. Pop is not about jumping, its created by loading the line and extending off both feet evenly.

Step 3: Don't crouch so much and drop your @$$. Keep your hips up and in a strong position.

Good luck.

Bumpass1 08-25-2012 1:50 PM

Ok so I am no expert and many people on here are much better than I am so take that in the account when reading my post. My first word of advice is to look into joining learnwake.com. For $10.00 a month you can have access to endless amounts of video howtos and the ablility to submit your own footage for the coaches to review. They will go over your video and point out all things wrong then repost your video witht the things that you need to work on.

Like Stephan stated look into and practice a progressive edge. The hardest edge needs to be at the TOP of the wake. You are cutting in appling your edge and letting off as you appoach the wake. When you do this you lose all of your momentum that you built coming up to the wake. Take 1 and only 1edge solid edge out from the wake. 1 edge out sets you up for a solid edge in. Once you edge out flatten the board off and slightly get into a seated body position not crouched. Wait for the natural pull of the boat to initiate your turn back into the wake.this seated position that you took while coasting will now put you in the correct body position to edge into the wake. Once turned slowly build your edge toward the wake. Once you hit the spray line of the boat you should crank on your edge by leaning down the line. From the sprayline to the top of the wake is where everything happens. At the bottom of the wake you should stand as tall as you can by flexing your quads and glutes. Hold the flex while still on edge all the way to the top of the jump (not to the top of the wake). You are allowing the force for the wake to push your knees up off of the lip. This is allowing your body to absorb all of the energy of the wake. In a wake jump we need to resist all of that energy. That is where the pop comes from. I would start off by only edging out about 3-5 feet to start and get the feel for this position and the pop with on wake jumps first. You don't have to go balls out at first. once you are comfortable with this pull the line in about 5-7 feet, edge out farther and get a little more juice and stomp the landing like you were born to do!!

Hope this helps.

Bumpass1 08-25-2012 2:02 PM

One more thing that I forgot to mention about standing tall, for every 6 inches of bend in your body when you leave the wake accounts for 2-3 feet of lost height in the air so you really, really want to be standing as tall as possible through and off of the wake.

Also think of the wake like it is a trampoline. When you jump on a trampoline you lock out your legs and your waist at the bottom of the mat and allow the energy of the mat to transfer you into an upward movement. It is the same feeling off of the wake.

rplogue7 08-27-2012 3:43 PM

I think my problem has been solved... I did not know that you had to continue your carve up into the wake. I will send feedback when I correct this

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