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ShaneWey 08-24-2012 4:34 PM

Maintenance on my board? Need advice!!
Hey guys! I'm fairly new to cable riding so I need advice on possible board maintenance.

The bottom of my board is getting pretty scratched up from all the obstacles at the cable parks but nothing too bad; board is still functional and in great shape. I dropped off the board at the pro shop while a guy who works there helped me fix my bindings a bit and I left it there with him overnight. When I got it back, there didn't seem to be as many scratches on it and it looked overall in a smoother condition.

Being that I haven't seen him since I've been back a few times, I'm wondering: did he put wax/resin/poxy on it to smooth it out? Does anyone know what he could have done? I greatly appreciated the extra favor but I haven't gotten a chance to thank him (or duplicate his magic)! Should I be doing regular maintenance on my rail board of some kind?

Suggestions??? Thanks!! :D

TBell 08-24-2012 9:13 PM

Ah, simple fix. But a little confusing.
If you have a grind base
1) get an iron and wax (like ski/snowboard waxing)
2) drip the wax over the area you want to fix
3) this part is tricky, you have to do it fast, before the wax dries, you want to have a peeled banana ready, and rub it all over the surface. This helps the wax set
4) now scrape away the excess wax/banana, it helps if you spit on the board beforehand or use any other kind of lubricant.

Hope this helps! I know it does for me!

ShaneWey 08-26-2012 6:41 PM

Thanks for the advice Tyson!! I'll have to try that! I have two question though (it may sound dumb lol):

1) Do I apply lubricant before or after waxing the board?

2) What should/shouldn't I use to scrape the wax off? I was guessing a metal paint scraper would be bad...?

tarek 08-28-2012 3:00 PM

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You can apply a base cleaner (citrus based) to clean and get some dirt and crap off the bottom of the board for starters.

Be real careful with the amount of heat the iron is producing. You want the heat to be real low. If it gets too hot, it could heat the glues in the base material and cause bubbles where the base and core meet.

Thats not good!

Apply drops of wax and smooth out. I have done this with my deluxe and get inside the contours and rails if you want. its kind of hard to scrape and remove some of the wax that builds up in those areas. Take a (plastic) scraper.. not metal and run tip to tail and remove the layer of wax thats left. I use an electric buffer which puts a real polished look but any fiber pad or cork will work well with enough pressure and buffing.

The base was night and day when i waxed it up.
I do a lot of winching which tends to scrape the board up quite a bit and it started feeling kind of grabby and sticky on hdpe boxes and rails.

Since ive waxed the board, it made the board way smoother and faster on the rails


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