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ragboy 08-24-2012 5:39 AM

Double Wake
Don't try this at home! Seriously this is a weekday, lake was empty and 2 experienced drivers. RJ was able to surf and switch from boat to boat without the rope, pretty cool.

IMG_3919 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_3934 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_3937 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_3981 by wake9, on Flickr

kayakwv 08-24-2012 7:41 AM

I think that's called the Party WAVE

ag04blast 08-24-2012 7:49 AM

I want to try this soo bad. Looks like a blast.

johnboyy7 08-24-2012 8:06 AM

me too.

jdjjamesz 08-24-2012 8:14 AM

the right looks perfect..

tmill 08-24-2012 8:18 AM

try going a few MPH faster and the gaint wave will clean up for you. Then it gets crazy... Double wave surfing is so much fun. I remember watching the inland guys out on lake sammamish run 3 boats wide with 2 surfers in the middle of the day. All of the other boats would just scatter out of the way it was so funny.

holmes 08-24-2012 9:40 AM

3 Attachment(s)
One of our favorite things to do. We do go a little faster. This pic was just a quick set so the wave doesn't look great, but it's always a lot of fun. Safest way to pull off the double surf is have one driver hold a dead striaght line and let the other driver make adjustments pulling up to the other boat. We usually just cruise in the middle of the lake on a slow day.

Now for the really advanced :rolleyes:, or just crazy....we take the double wake to the next level. Using my buddies old school stand up jet ski, rider comes right down the pipe, between the two boats and gets launched to the moon!!!! Sorry for the weak pics, I tried to capture video from my phone.

LKASurfing 08-24-2012 11:21 AM


Here is Drew Danielo doing that last year in VA

ragboy 08-24-2012 12:05 PM

That rider launch thing is pretty cool. We did try going faster, and it didn't help much. The boat on the right is the Z3.

We could have spent more time and maybe did it better, but its not for the faint of heart. We got it to work and then moved on. There was no one on the lake and it was glass and Dave is another good driver or I would not have attempted it.

ragboy 08-24-2012 1:07 PM

That video of Drew doing it is awesome. I would like to try it someday with 2 identical boats and see if we could lose some of that Tsunami in the middle. RJ said it had a ton of push but you got caught in it.

drnate 08-24-2012 2:11 PM

I love the SPLINE!

We did it with an Enzo and an Avalanche just to say that we did it. What was amazing to me is that when I fell down right where the waves converge, it sucked me down like 10 or 20 feet under, just like an undertow while ocean surfing. Kind of scared me the first time it happened!

SacSurfer 08-24-2012 2:23 PM

Damn Drew makes it look so easy....

ragboy 08-24-2012 3:23 PM

Not as cool as Drew's, but here is some video:

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/W8RDa_vmGTQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

jagermeister 08-25-2012 4:41 PM

We run @ 10.5 and 6 feet apart.. You can clean up that wash in the center that way..

ragboy 08-25-2012 8:57 PM

We were probably within 10 feet, I am not sure I have the balls for 6 feet.

LKASurfing 08-26-2012 8:07 PM

We were driving at about 15mph to make that bowl for Drew. We were definitely 10 ft or better apart. The speed cleans up all the wash at the back where the wakes meet.

ragboy 08-27-2012 12:31 AM

Going to have to give that a try...

rplogue7 09-04-2012 4:49 PM

Thats insane. I'm going wakesurfing

tonyv420 09-04-2012 5:10 PM

we tried it at shasta with a 226 and my avy, we didnt get close enough, I think we were about 15 feet apart, 6ft seems close, I’m gonna have to work up to that!

ragboy 09-04-2012 5:16 PM

Yep, its a ball tingler to get that close. ;-)

meraculus 10-21-2012 6:12 PM

I'm curious if the wakes breaking into each other have a canceling effect? Kind of like noise canceling technology, and reduced the amount of waves put out to the rest of the lake?

I wonder if it's possible to build a twin hulled boat, maybe a horseshoe shape hull or catamaran that creates a double wake every time?
And if the waves cancel each other out would it be possible to make a 6 foot high double wave and not have to worry about swamping other boats and sending crashing waves onto docks and the shoreline?
Maybe a horseshoe shaped hulled could have the same effect as kelp beds, and smooth out the water in between the double wake? Or possibly on a catamaran design have a lift gate that acts like a broom and "brushes" rough water and cleans it up?

If something like this is possible I think it would be the ultimate wakesurfing experience, something that can't be found in the ocean. And if a massive double wake doesn't effect everyone else on the lake, I suspect it would have fewer objectors than a big single wake. It might even create a below water level wave that would be hard to see unless you are in the boat or riding the wave?

Anyone know if a boat like this has been tried? Is it doable, if not what challenges need to be overcome?

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