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Tucker_McElroy 08-23-2012 9:47 AM

Brandon Raub - Any thoughts?
I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are about the Brandon Raub case.

I'm not going to bring my politics into this case or even link to an article, if you are interested Google his name.

Apparently he his being held in a psychiatric hospital because of Facebook posts questioning the federal government. If you are Right or Left I don't think it really matters, is this what safety means? Is anyone concerned about this? Is this justified with all the shootings we have had? What do you think?

augie_09 08-23-2012 10:26 AM

I knew nothing of this til you posted, but seems he was just released.

Tucker_McElroy 08-23-2012 2:11 PM

So the one real issue that I post about no one has any comments...

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