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hawk22 08-21-2012 6:08 PM

help with 360 (video)
finally committed to getting these this summer, but they keep evading me. Have yet to land one. a few weeks ago I was getting handle every time, but just seemed to come up short. Last week I concentrated on height first, so they were bigger but never had the handle. This is the only vid I got and its from last night. Height wasn't there, but had the handle initially. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for poor vid quality...sun was setting...


ToPHeR35 08-23-2012 10:26 AM

You gotta edge more into the wake. You're coming in flat

hkysk8r187 09-10-2012 4:54 PM

You're over-rotating the spin. Unlike a wake jump, to land a HS FS 360 you want your board to be pointed at the boat when you land, not towards the flats. A HS FS 360 is actually more like a 315 degree rotation till you land. Once you land you continue edging out but you don't land with your board pointed out that direction. Similar to a tantrum, a HS FS 360 should land with your board pointed straight at the boat. You always want your upper body following your lower body in the rotation, as in, your lower body and feet complete the rotation, but your upper body is behind in rotation a bit

spencercoon 09-13-2012 11:06 AM

Looks to me like you're there. You just have to KNOW you can land it. You need to get past that mental barrier. Judging from the clip, there isn't any other reason that you couldn't have rode away from that.

annq42 10-22-2012 5:02 PM

Everything that they said I am sure will help... but I think you should just try to spot your landing... You will get the groove once you start seeing where you are going to land.

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