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SkySki 08-20-2012 9:38 PM

Tire Pressure Monitors - Trailer
I can't remember if this has been brought up before and I couldn't find anything with a quick search. Has anyone tried using tire pressure monitoring systems for your boat trailer tires? From what I see, their are two different styles. One that attach like a valve stem cap and another that attach by replacing the valve stem itself with a sensor. I looked at these in the spring but they got put at the back of the list. I am thinking about them again now. Anyone have any recommendations on what manufacture or style?

Raf1985 08-21-2012 8:48 AM

I would also love to get these things. I have really bad luck with trailer tires and usually dont notice the flat until the rim is making sparks......

SkySki 08-21-2012 9:27 AM

I am surprised no one has posted yet that they have tried them. I guess I haven't either so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

I am looking at the TST 507 or 510. 507 has batteries that can be replaced easily.

srock 08-21-2012 2:24 PM

How nice would it be to have this system wired into your harness with a small dash readout and warning buzzer so you can anticipate an potential blowout. I'm sure we will see it in the future.

bmcgorrin 08-21-2012 6:15 PM

I have the TST 507 on my boat trailer and Motorhome. It will monitor PSI and tire temp. I did some research when I was looking for TPMS and found a lot of people recommend this system because you can change the batteries yourself (Instead of having to send them in) and they have good customer service. You can set the low pressure alarm and high temp alarm for each sensor so your tow vehicle and trailer can be set differently. I also use the same sensors on my truck when I'm towing it. I was worried the sensors would get damaged by water when launching but so far no problems.

Tallredrider 08-22-2012 5:28 AM

I have the sunpro tpms monitors. I got them for a good deal, so I didn't really do any research. They are great.

My only worry is that one day I kept the readout plugged into the truck and the tire pressure and temperature stayed on like it was still reading, even when I got to work 7 miles away. How will I know if one of the monitors stops working? I guess I am supposed to notice that the normal variation as you drive just stops and it gets stick on the same reading.

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