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bradmo42 08-19-2012 12:42 AM

Winch a Road gap
First of all, my apologies if this has been discussed and I missed it.

So I've seen it in moto, snow, bmx and ski, but has anyone winched a road gap? I think some sick photos/video could come from setting up a kicker or rail and gapping a road like we've seen in other sports. I saw a perfect spot on my way home earlier and had never thought about it until then.

I have no doubt that shredtown would accept the challenge if it hasn't been done.

What do you think?

kyle_m 08-19-2012 6:58 AM

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I am not sure if there has been a traditional "road" that has been gapped im sure there has and if my mind suits me right i have seen it done but i could be wrong. But gaps that have been as wide as a road have been around for a while, In the movie Free4All they built a gap ove a uhaul truck and i know in transgression i think Keith Lidbeg has a huge gap at the projects that is as wide as a road, i tried to find a picture but couldnt locate one. Heres one of the Uhaul gap though in Free4All such an awesome scene i kept hitting rewind so i could watch it again

fullonsalesgrp 08-19-2012 8:12 AM

They gaped the road at the Projects a LONG time ago what DVD was that in ?

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