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boardman74 08-18-2012 6:42 PM

2008 Tige 22Ve
I know I have been wearing the forum out on boats!! But have got some great advice so far and just haven't found the right boat for us yet. My wife has become quite the boat shopper and is tough to please. In the end it will be for the best but is currently frustrating. She listens and researches with me so she is pretty up on what we are looking at. Plus she knows exactly what she wants. So far that has been new boats out of the price range we are looking at. The inboard market here is super hot with V-drives selling literally before they are listed. The 3 main dealers here have a waiting lists they call as soon as a boat is traded. Most never make it to the internet or their sales floor. So us having a trade in is really hurting us. So after labor day I am going to cosign my boat with one of the dealers that already has buyers and no used boats like mine.

Anyway I have come across a 2008 Tige 22Ve which is owned by my sisters renter who moved up here from Florida. He left the boat there on consignment and it hasn't sold. He really wants it gone as he is making a payment. I told him for the right price I might make the trip and he shot me a number around $36K. I know nothing about this boat and have never seen one in person. I have seen pictures and he says minus one dime sized vinyl tear the boat is showroom. I would pretty much have to buy it sight unseen but I do trust the guy and he's living in my sisters house. He lived on a private ski lake and the boat sat on a covered lift. Has all service records thru the dealer. Boat has never been weighted and used mostly for cruising. The guy doesn't even ride. Here's what it is:

2008 Tige 22Ve bought new in 2010
340 hp engine with 85-90 hours
Tower, racks lights
8 speaker stereo with amps and 12's
Tige cruise
Upgraded aluminum trailer
Upgraded mesh seat with original included.
Sundeck and bow filler cushions
Dual optima batteries
Depth finder, stereo remote, cover, etc.

Looks like a nice boat and a good deal. Anyone have one of these or seen/ ridden behind one?

Nordicron 08-18-2012 7:34 PM

Being from FL I'd make sure it hasnt been in salt. Also not sure Tige from 2008 should bring that much money. Lastly if you will be purchasing sight unseen you might consider other boats from other areas as well. Also go ahead and get your boat sold first and don't rush into buying something that you will regret.

tampawake 08-19-2012 6:31 AM

http://http://www.bayareawatersports.com/searchengine/Details.aspx?diid=7159037&bvdid=3121&type=AN&indid =1&sortCol=Length&sortDir=DESC&#

This one???? 36 is a killer price for that boat. You will need ballast which installed will be about 3k unless u do it yourself. Willing to bet you could find someone to check it out.

boardman74 08-19-2012 7:14 AM

No it's not that one. I like the orange better though. I saw that one when I was looking for comps. It's up near Jax. It was black white and blue. I just don't know anything about those boats. Tampawake, are you a Tige dealer? Can you give me any insight into that model boat?

constructor 08-19-2012 7:37 AM

A friend in Colorado has one, very nice boat. May need a little more speed to clean up the wake than a Malibu does. IMO the dealers would ask in the high 40s for that boat.

priszkid 08-19-2012 12:25 PM

I have a 06 22ve with the 340hp. It's a great boat. Does a fantastic job for my needs of boarding and surfing. Plenty of room for gear and people. I would take a look at www.tigeowners.com for a lot more info and reviews.

timmyb 08-19-2012 1:58 PM

If it's in good condition, that's a great price! It will make a decent wakeboarding wake and a very nice surf wave with some ballast. Post some pics when you get them and definitely check out tigeowners.com, great group of people on that site!

boardman74 08-19-2012 5:53 PM

Probably going to have to pass on this one. Both a buddy and the wife brought up a good point...if you are going to drive that far(1400 miles to Jacksonville, FL) there are probably 100 other boats closer that are a better fit and just as good of a deal.

kko13 08-19-2012 5:54 PM

Not sure what your what concerns or questions you have about the boat. I work for a Tige dealer and also own one (2003). The 08 Tiges are fine. The marine power 340hp is a great engine. I am not familiar with the specific boat you are lookng at. But it sounds nice and that is a great price for that boat. I am familiar with the orange boat. Although I have not seen the orange boat in a few months it still looks to be in a great condition like the last time I saw it. Let me know what questions you have about the boat. My thoughts. Boat drive and rides GREAT. Stock wakeboard wake (no ballast) Is nice. Add 2000# to it and its awesome. I have seen them make awesome surf wakes as well but I am not 100% sure on the #s of weight they were running. Tower is solid. Not the easiest to fold up and down but not the hardest either. The "mesh" chair is called vision air and you will love it. Tige cruise is a little different than most others but once you get the hang of it you will find it works well. Why I love Tiges great ride,great wakes,best fuel economy and deep freeboard = comfy seating position.

boardman74 08-19-2012 6:30 PM

Kevin..thanks for the info. Good informative post. Like I said above the boat is up north of Jacksonville. Its not the orange one mentioned above which i see is around Tampa. I also see that orange one is about 10K more. That one does look very nice but it really isn't the boat at the Top of my list. Plus just too far away. From what i can find they are a good rig. I would definately take a look at one if it was in my area.

tampawake 08-20-2012 6:37 AM

Kevin works on all these boats and is who works on my boat. He is honest about all things. So trust him. Not sure what his thoughts are but I think 36k is pretty damn good price for an 08. Good luck and I agree with Kevin on the things he said about Tige and I own an MC. That vision chair is AWESOME!!!!

jeff_mn 08-20-2012 6:57 AM


Originally Posted by boardman74 (Post 1776939)
Probably going to have to pass on this one. Both a buddy and the wife brought up a good point...if you are going to drive that far(1400 miles to Jacksonville, FL) there are probably 100 other boats closer that are a better fit and just as good of a deal.

Your assumption is incorrect. You will not find 100 other boats that are "near showroom" for $10,000 less than market value and if you do - please let me know about them.

That is a great price for that boat.

davenk 08-20-2012 10:49 AM

Being a Tige owner myself, I will say again that is a great price for that boat assuming it is what they say it is. And it is more likely to be the one you wished you hadn't passed up as opposed to 100 closer near by! A friend was looking at a similar boat with a ballast system in my area and it was going for 44,900. Also, again said above but said again check out TigeOwners.com

timmyb 08-20-2012 11:06 AM

I have the Vision Air seat in my RZ2 and love it! Unfortunately, they have discontinued that seat. Go test drive some boats and see if a Tige is for you or not, I personally love the boats.

polarbill 08-20-2012 11:07 AM

36k for a low hour 2008 22' vdrive sounds like a really good price to me. Find me a 2008 VLX, X15, SAN210, Centurion Avalanche, etc.. for anywhere near that price? My only concern would be saltwater use. I think 3k for installed ballast sounds a little high although maybe? I would think with 3 reversible pumps, 2 750's plus a bow integrated sack you are talking about a grand to 1500 in parts. Probably closer to the 1,000 mark if using aerator pumps. I sure hope labor to install triple ballast isn't a grand or more.

wakedaveup 08-20-2012 11:15 AM

Nada lists low retail on that boat at 38k. Every market is different and sometimes people take nada too seriously as an exact value of boats so this value needs to be taken with a grain of salt. That said, if low book value is 38k and the boat is prestine with low hours, it's a steal at 36k. Just be careful, we've had a great summer here in FL but even some of the boats we've had that were prestine with low hours had some serious issues. Especially with all the ethonol based fuel and the fact that the boat sat at a dealership for months. If that boat hasn't been ran in the past 6 months due to a dealer trying to sell it. Chances are the fuel is bad and has seperated. We've had two boats like this and both had to have the gas tanks pulled out, flushed, and the injectors pulled off and cleaned as well. It's a headache. So if you buy "unseen" have the dealership take the boat out to the lake (FL has tons so no excuse why they can't) and take a video of the boat starting and running at different speeds. Even full throttle. Fluctuating speeds will show if there is any issues with the fuel or the boat.

timmyb 08-20-2012 11:59 AM

Good advice Dave!

tampawake 08-20-2012 12:04 PM

3k was just a guess but willing to bet its closer to 2k than 1.

polarbill 08-20-2012 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by tampawake (Post 1777083)
3k was just a guess but willing to bet its closer to 2k than 1.

Yeah, I would expect 1500 on the cheap end and 2k on the expensive end.

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