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mossy44 08-22-2003 9:31 AM

On another thread i was discussing a sub box for my xstar. Knowing that it is gonna be a tight squeeze, what is the minimum amount of space I can have between my 2 10 inch subs?? <BR> <BR>If they are right next to each other, and i am using 3/4" MDF, then rhino lining it, do you think an inch between the 2 subs will hold up? Could I go less? Do I need to go more?

nvsairwarrior 08-22-2003 9:57 AM

I would think that it could make a difference if you are using a Ported or Sealed box. Since space is always an issue in our boats, I'll assume it's a Sealed box which are about 1/2 the required size. <BR>If the desire is Side by Side, then I would reinforce this area with some 2 x 2 angle aluminum and trim it only where necessary to clear the speakers. <BR>If by chance you are designing a Ported box, then you would probably be OK at 1 inch. <BR>Bottom line here is the spacing concern is a structural one. The required volume must still be achieved....somehow. <BR>Good luck.

mossy44 08-22-2003 11:07 AM

my concern is the front of the box not holding up by the pounding of the subs. if there is not enough wood in between the two cut outs, it might break or crack. thats what i am trying to figure out. it will be a sealed box, but i need to get the speakers as close together as possible. <BR> <BR>even if i were to put one higher than the other, with the lack of room, width is gonna be right at 19-20 inches and height is gonn be the same. so, on the front of the box, having the 2 subs so close together is the problem i am concerned about. <BR> <BR>understand all that? <BR>

nvsairwarrior 08-22-2003 2:57 PM

matt, <BR>OK, I think I got it. Try this, <BR>Forget the two 10's go with one 15! problem solved. <BR>D out

wakejunky 08-22-2003 6:25 PM

Just get some fiberglass resin from your local Tap Plastics and enclose the thing in resin. Then it'll be totally watertight as well as a hell of alot stronger. <BR> <BR>Chris <BR>No Slip Gator Grip <BR><a href="http://www.wakejunky.com" target="_blank">www.wakejunky.com</a>

timmy 08-22-2003 7:49 PM

put some braces between the front baffle and the back of the box in the suspect area and that should add some strength

bob 08-25-2003 12:06 AM

ive got a suggestion, dont use 3/4" since the audio qualities in a boat will not be noticeable between that and say 1" ply which will be able to handle it as long as you brace the inside of the box well. Why does everyone think mdf is so much better when your talking marine environment with 100% humidity and 85 db ambient noise??

bob 08-25-2003 12:07 AM

i meant 1" just for the face where the 10's mount, not the whole box

mossy44 08-25-2003 5:55 AM

maybe i will try the 1" AND the brace behind it. will rhino liner be as sturdy as fiberglass?

mossy44 08-25-2003 5:56 AM

and duane, if i hadnt already bought the 2 10's, maybe i would go with the 15. should have thought about that before i did it.

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