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liquidmx 08-17-2012 11:44 AM

Looking for Hardline Wakeboard Handle
This is a real long shot but I am looking for a Hardline Wakeboard Handle...specifically the waffle/tractor grip. It's a handle that is probably 5+ years old...however myself and a few of my friends love this handle. In fact if you check out D. Cook's "come correct" section in the last Alliance Magazine you can see his old yellow version in the pictures of his HS OA Stalefish 360 as well as just about any other pic of him in the mags. Between him, myself and some of the LP riders we have 3 handles but they are all on their last legs. Rumors were that Gator was supposed to make an updated version for Cook...but we know how that Company's story ends.

The short story/history behind this handle is that it is party of the Double Up company and from what I understand...when Mr. Nelson sold the company to the Australian owners there was a no compete clause...hence the lack of handles here since Double Up was sold.

So in conclusion...if anyone has one of these handles laying around and would like to sell/trade it please let me know. I am sure we could work something out. If you know of a shop that still has these I would be interested in buying 5-10 of them if possible.


08-17-2012 11:51 AM

Hmmm...maybe i'll track some down and jack up the price bc i know you want them so bad:)

liquidmx 08-17-2012 3:19 PM

If you can find them I am all ears LR3W8kbrdr. I have already tried Bakes, Buywake, Wakeside, Evo, (asked Andy to check on his sources at the House), etc. I have even tried contacting double up in Australia for help. I think my next best bet may be to befriend some aussies who can send em over this winter.

dezul 08-17-2012 4:14 PM

Or you could just use a new handle. I have never tried the handle you mention but if it is that much trouble, you should move on. I hope someone on here has a contact for you though.

dezul 08-17-2012 4:17 PM

Is this it?


08-17-2012 6:01 PM


Originally Posted by liquidmx (Post 1776695)
If you can find them I am all ears LR3W8kbrdr. I have already tried Bakes, Buywake, Wakeside, Evo, (asked Andy to check on his sources at the House), etc. I have even tried contacting double up in Australia for help. I think my next best bet may be to befriend some aussies who can send em over this winter.

Good news is...I have a close Aussie friend who goes back and forth btwn here and there often. I'll talk to him about them.

adam_balon 08-17-2012 9:23 PM

went to the dudes house in portland. jason maybe..... that was a long time ago. nice guy gave nme some handles. wish his company would have made it through.

lffish133 08-17-2012 11:17 PM

Duuuude I love the Hardline handles as well. I have one, it's in really good shape. It's the green one. Sorry but I won't sell it. :)

andy_nintzel 08-18-2012 8:03 AM


I have been trying to get the crew at the house to help me out, but with a million sq/ft of warehouse they have been moving pretty slow at it. That said, I beleive they might be a safe bet, they just found a bunch of 2003-2005 Bi-Level Cassette Skates while digging through the dark corners of the warehouse. I am going to be down there next weekend and can get the crew motivated to help me dig! Let you know what I find out.

Does it have to be a Hardline, or would a old school straightline tractor handle work?

electricsnow 08-18-2012 12:37 PM

Adam, did you go to Jason messer's house? At the end he was helping with du and hardline when his company fresh water traction joined that family. I want the fwt handle but I've only seen it in a magazine buyer's guide.

And this part probably doesn't matter to most, but I have to say, Andy, those cassettes aren't from 2003, unless they found other boards they didn't list. The bi level and most of the flats they had came out in 05, and some were re-applied or legitimately produced 06 cassettes that weren't sold otherwise. Going on limb, I'm guessing they're working with PS six to get rid of that old cassette inventory. Before that, Myles vickers was trying to sell that stuff, from bi-levels to the flats. I don't think those were buried in the warehouse.

andy_nintzel 08-18-2012 1:30 PM


Here are some pics of the long lost cassettes I do bet they are 2005 vintage, opposed to what they told me 03-04. That was for sure wrong. On the flip, I do beleive they were lost in the warehouse however. The amount of storgae area and gear they have is insane. The found a box of old Etnies low cut two a few months back that were circa 2002-03. But what eves, hell they could be working with PS Six. I know that back when the Bi-Level Cassettes first came out guys at the shop hated them because they were a warranty nightmare being that they snapped the first time you didnt land over the bolts.

electricsnow 08-18-2012 2:43 PM

You didn't attach any pics. The thing is, every bi-level they have has the 06 graphics, not the 05s. Also, they're being sold with huge ass fins that were originally sold with the 4 tracks, and the top decks have all been re-drilled. That's how I got my first board from Myles, and he was working with px stix to help sell those old decks.

But you're right, some people have had a hard time with those decks breaking. That was definitely an issue. But another subtle difference is, at least with the boards I've bought, the top decks are 9 plies, and the original bi level top decks were 5 plies. These also don't have PS stix identifying info on them (the flats do), which leads me to believe these decks were produced later than the originals. Anyway, I just thought I'd chime in...as you said, they're for sure not from 03/04.

imondi 08-18-2012 10:10 PM

My old yellow waffle hardline handle just ripped today... Not happy about it! Please post if you find one!!

adam_balon 08-18-2012 10:53 PM

yea messers house. thats it. got a few carbon handles.

electricsnow 08-18-2012 11:13 PM

That is awesome Adam. I think Jason is the best. I have his original blue fresh water traction wakeskate that was in the 98 buyer's guide.

To whoever needed the handle--is it one where you can replace the bar on the handle? Because some of those are for sale on eBay, and they have the waffle grip.

andy_nintzel 08-20-2012 10:19 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Hahahaha go figure. Here are the only pics I took.

Here's a link to them on The Houses Site. I am curious as heck now to know if they are Originals or not.


andy_nintzel 08-20-2012 10:20 AM

The Fins look HUGE!

liquidmx 08-20-2012 12:17 PM

Tim, yes that is the current Hardline in Australia's version.

LR3w8kbrdr: I would appreciate that, thanks!

Andy, thanks for all the help already! Let me know if you find anything further out...I will PM you my mobile, in case you have any last minute questions.

Kam and Victor...If I get my hands on enough of them do you guys want one?

E-Snow...I am in awe of your knowledge on the history of the sport...hopefully someday I can buy you a beer and get some more insight on the history of the sport. I believe you have quite the wake collection right?

thedoubleupkid 08-20-2012 4:50 PM

I used to work at DU/HL - I have a stash of HL Handles. email me caseyj@ridecwb.com

But guess what? I sent a couple HL EVA square grip samples... long story, story short, the current Proline Response Package pretty much uses the same waffle grip.

electricsnow 08-20-2012 9:16 PM

Thedoubleupkid, do you have any fwt handles from hardline?

We can say that the cassettes are original, in that they're legit cassettes. Are they dead stock, just sitting in the house warehouse? I really don't think so. Even when some 2006 decks were sold, I only knew the boardstop to have them, and the 42s I have from them both had PS stix identifying marks on them. The 06 horrell I bought from Myles was just like house reed I bought--re drilled top and bottom deck to help with assembly, huge lock-in fins and no serial numbers on them. I don't know the story on the fins, as in why they are using them, but those came with the 04 reed for sure. You can see the tall end goes straight down to the base--they're 4 trac lock in fins.

Also, to me it doesn't make sense to hold on to or "lose" that amount of inventory for nearly 6 years and then discount the heck out of them. I'm amazed they can sell them that cheap, but with most of them being blems, that might have brought their purchase price down.

When you look at the flat decks with the 06 graphics, if you hold them at an angle, you can see what once was the 05 graphic. I think those boards were stripped and had the 06 graphic applied. Looking closely at mine, it doesn't look like the original graphic is actually still there. But if you come across a 2005 43 inch flat deck, let me know because that's the last board I need to complete my 05 line ;) for real, I've been watching the site and that was the only flat deck from that year that never showed up.

Thanks liquidmx. It's just a fun subject and i do have a pretty nice collection of wake ish! This year I found the pb issue of waterski magazine with him as a six month old baby, and i also found the waterski mag with tony Finn on the cover. I'm proud of those because I've wanted them forever.

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