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Slideways 08-16-2012 3:46 PM

Anyone know this guy?
I am seriously considering getting a bus like this. I'd either use it for towing the drift car, boat or a sweet tailgating rig. I'm curious how it tows and if anything has been done to it.



Mahoney86 08-16-2012 5:10 PM

Not sure how the newer buses are on gas, but a buddy of mine from FMX days had a older bus of that size but it was and 1988, towed his ramp and put his bikes and a airmattress inside.... Was a pretty bad ass gig except it got about 4.5mpg though it was a gas motor.

Slideways 08-16-2012 5:25 PM

The only way I would get one is if it had the 7.3L Ford diesel in it. It's a very common motor as it is found in many other vehicles as well. Reliability is good and parts are easy to find. My main concern is the transmission and how it reacts to having weight behind it.

srock 08-17-2012 8:36 AM

Ha! short bus!

bjames 08-17-2012 9:22 AM

Maybe the guy is using his "company vehicle" to go boating before he has to be back to pick the school kids up.

How does a school bus driver afford an X45?? thats sick :)

08-17-2012 9:28 AM

that's awesome

psudy 08-17-2012 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by srock (Post 1776544)
Ha! short bus!


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