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GregVanWagnen 08-16-2012 1:21 PM

So I moved to Chicago about a month ago... Does anyone ride up here? It seems like there are a lot of wakeboard boats but I haven't run into anyone in the city that rides

sidekicknicholas 08-17-2012 7:18 AM

Fox river is going to be your best bet to find riders.

wakedude83 08-23-2012 9:03 PM

Tons of riders up here. Find me on facebook. My name is Nick Cankar.

stepintoliquid 08-24-2012 11:52 AM

I second what Nick Cankar just said. Hit us up on facebook.

GregVanWagnen 09-17-2012 8:30 AM

Cool, I'll find you on Facebook.

Thrall 09-18-2012 9:32 AM

Just sit beside I 94 north on a Sat morning. You'll see everyone in the city that boats heading to the Chain o Lakes like a herd of cattle!
I think the Chain has the largest # of boat registrations for any lake (or chain I guess) in the country.
Fox river or IL river for riding too.

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