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Carsten 08-15-2012 3:04 PM

Improving my lousy Backrolls (video below)
Hello everyone,
I've spent a lot of time reading on these forums but now I finally have my own account and this is my first thread. :)

I'm from Germany and I go wakeboarding behind a Ski Nautique 2001 on the choppy river 'Rhine'.
I started wakeboarding a few years ago and I'm currently working on the backroll.

Two years ago I caught a really bad edge on a backroll and had a pretty bad concussion with memory loss
and two weeks of dizziness. Since then I've been pretty scared of taking a big approach to the wake as you will
notice in the videos.

Out of 50+ attempts this year and last year I've only landed 4 of them.
My favorite scenarios when not landing the trick are:
1. I slide out on my back foot.
2. I can't hold on to the bar because it jerks too hard on the landing.
3. The nose of the board goes under water when I land.

I attached two of my successful attempts as a video.
The first one is a pretty awful backroll from last year on which I come off my edge
before the wake and slide out on my back foot during the landing.
The second jump was filmed last week.
I'm not happy with the little pop I'm getting and the fact that my landing is anything but safe.

I hope you guys can give me some advice and tell me what I'm doing wrong. :confused:

Here's the video:

hkysk8r187 08-28-2012 6:10 PM

1) You need to edge progressively into the wake. You're coming off your edge before the wake which is not right. You want to build your edge more and more as you approach the wake and be at maximum edge at the top of the wake. If you reach your max edge capability before you hit the top of the wake then you did it wrong. Right now in your video you are edging your hardest before you even hit the white wash, then you let off on your edge through the trough. The backroll is a load and release trick, so you need to build your line tension and release it off the top of the wake. Right now you're releasing your tension half way to the wake and have none left at the top of the wake.
2) Edge in and hit the wake in a taller position. Lean against the line to build your edge and don't bend your knees very much at all for this trick.
3) Why are you doing a frontside 180 slide before all your attempts? Just take a normal toeside edge out and heelside edge in until you have this trick consistent. No need to over complicate things.

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