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Medium 08-15-2012 3:32 PM

2012 Slingshot RAD Bindings
I was interested in picking up a pair of 2012 RAD bindings, but I noticed that it looks like Slingshot is going with regular laces and lace locks in the pics of the 2013 RAD bindings.


I know they improved the quick lace setup for the 2012s, but has anyone had issues with them breaking?

Also how is sizing for the 2012s? Do they run big like the 2011s did?

Prestoooooo 08-15-2012 7:12 PM

2012 RAD binding laces are great, but the lace locks could be better which it seems like they improved. They hold up well atthe beginning but I used my boots heavily all through may until now and my locks are worn out. They dont lock the laces anymore because the tiny teeth got worn out. SS is sending me new locks no biggie but its just kind of annoying. Overall, the lacelocks havent really beeen a big enough hassle in my opinion to not buy them but if you can get a deal on 2013s why not.

Prestoooooo 08-15-2012 7:13 PM

they also run slightly bigger im assuming the exact same as 2011

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