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Graemeburress 08-14-2012 7:46 PM

Wake Nation Cincinnati- Morning Set w/ Graeme Burress
Hey guys, thought you might enjoy my video.

wakecumberland 08-14-2012 8:09 PM

WOW awesome! Very creative riding there! You're doing stuff I've never seen before, keep it up!

Readyaimfire 08-14-2012 9:52 PM

Nollie transfers? That's really unique! Sick riding.

MasonH 08-14-2012 9:57 PM

Great style man! Loved it!

jburbo 08-15-2012 5:24 AM

Graeme, that was absolutely sick riding man. Keep reppin the Midwest homie!!

jordanleininger21 08-15-2012 7:18 AM

Great style and nice double flip off the kicker.

drewproses 08-15-2012 7:19 PM

Yea man definitely enjoyed that! Sick unique style and I enjoyed seeing the lines from one obstacle to the next.

captain_vilfo 08-15-2012 7:44 PM

damn dude

hawkeye7708 08-15-2012 9:21 PM

hmm... puts my riding when i was there to shame haha

08-16-2012 7:50 AM

Finally someone with fresh style these days. Most people are all starting to look the same...

waketx05 08-16-2012 4:57 PM


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