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tonyv420 08-13-2012 10:14 AM

Fire Dept. came to rescue me!!
Ok, so we have been on the lake all day just chillin, way to chopped up to do much, come 7pm it started mellowing out, so we decide to fill ballast and ride. After we all took a set (three of us) my buddy needed dropped off at the ramp. We putt over and drop him. Now the water is super flat. We scoot off to the military side of our lake to ride dirrty! (no flagger) My wife noticed a fire truck coming down the ramp. She says " we may as well hang for a bit, looks like the ramp will be blocked for awhile." I'm thinking a drowning.....:( So I take a set for 15 min. or so. After we stop it looks like a police inflatable coming towards me! Crap! I said! were busted! The closer they got, I could read the side of threir boat, it said Fire & Rescue. I yelled to them " did someone drown?" With a big smile on their faces (3 of them in the boat). They say nope, were here to rescue you! My response was "are you kidding me!!" Answer was no were here to rescue the sinking yellow boat! Someone called 911 and said threre was a yellow boat sinking and their still riding behind it! This is the funniest thing ever happen to me on the water!! They were totally cool about it, and said no worries!! we wanted to get out of the station anyway! They sent out the big fire truck, a ambulance, and a rescue boat! all for me!! I felt kinda special LOL all I can say is , you haven't properly slammed your boat until the local fire dept. comes to rescue you!!! I was so surprised I forgot to take some pics, the thought came to late! So if you see me listing, please!!! don't call 911:eek:

boardjnky4 08-13-2012 10:37 AM

they see me listin', they hatin'

kayakwv 08-13-2012 10:41 AM

I've had half a dozen boats and people wonder if we were having problems. With the VLX sacked out and listing over, and one exhaust port riding high and loud, it gets attention. One day, as I was skipping work, we surfed past the city point park on the Ohio River. My wife's coworker saw us on his lunch break. When he got back to the office, he told the story that he saw this boat at the point coming at him, all listed over and sounded like it had engine problems; and then he saw someone who appeared to be surfing behind it... WITH NO ROPE! lol

As I explained to my wife later:

"If you're not listing....you're not doing it right!"

timmyb 08-13-2012 11:58 AM

HAHAHA! Wow! That's pretty funny man, hope that never happens to us.

wakebrdjay 08-13-2012 12:24 PM

This happened to Show in Columbus,OH a few years ago they even had the sheriff helicopter out.

tonyv420 08-13-2012 12:39 PM

I've had numerous people come to ask if I was ok, one guy even asked me "Did you take your plug out?" But to call 911??? I think if I was sinking I would have called 911 myself!!

boardjnky4 08-13-2012 1:10 PM

I was pumping ballast on saturday and some guy came over to offer a tow. Even after I explained that the compartments that I have open are NOT engine compartments, he still didn't seem to understand. Oh well, can't blame the guy for not knowing but I definitely got a quick chuckle when he finally drove off.

audionly101 08-13-2012 5:53 PM

At least once every time out someone will stop by and make sure we are ok as they see us either filling up or dumping out my ballast. It is always the dumb look like "you know your boat is sinking right" when we say everything is fine or we are pumping the water in for a reason.

h20king 08-13-2012 6:05 PM

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Tony here ya go not sure how I have pics of your boat and you dont LOL

tonyv420 08-13-2012 6:52 PM

Yea H , go figure! And that was before we had 9 people in the boat!

BlairJ 08-15-2012 12:32 PM

Our boat lists hard. People stop all the time.


"No, it's listing on purpose. Thank you for stopping!"


jagermeister 08-15-2012 2:14 PM

Haha.... Spent the week up on Lake Hamilton and Lake Ouachita in Arkansas and no one has ever seen wake surfing before.. We'd have two or three pontoon boats following us to see " what in da hell is they doin"..

We were the only wakeboard boat that I've seen all week...

Then the old lady at the check in desk asked if some damn kids took a black marker to the side of my 08 X Star... Really?? Hmmmmmmmmmm..

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