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antoddio 08-13-2012 8:05 AM

Gauge wire for Jabsco pump?
I have a jabsco ballast puppy I just purchased for my ballast system. I have 14ga wire running to right where the pump will be. Don't know why its there, but it's awfully convenient. Hopefully it's all hooked up under the dash. Anyway the wire is 14ga and also the leads coming off the Jabsco are 14 as well. Seem like a good match. However I've seen people recommending thicker wire. I am not sure what that would do since the jabsco has 14 on it already and I'd like to avoid taking apart and rewiring my brand new pump. I haven't measured but based on the distance I am running the wires I think i am right in between needing a 14 or 12ga. But if the leads on the pump are 14 how would thicker wire elsewhere help?

What is my misunderstanding here or what other comments do you have? What about fuse size?

Thanks in advance

stang_killa_ss 08-13-2012 9:40 AM

id run 12g.
the 14 is fine on the pump because its only 12" long. the longer wire all the way to the front to the switch and power will be alot of added resistance and heat. larger wire helps eliminate alot of that.
id go 12g

nitrousbird 08-29-2012 8:09 PM


spencerwm 08-30-2012 9:04 AM

I would go 12 or even 10 depending on the run.

antoddio 08-30-2012 1:53 PM

I think I'll go with 10 as I decided to run separate wiring direct from the battery as to not starve my other accessories for power. Seems easier to figure out anyway. I also found a few 6 foot lengths of 10 gauge wiring taped up in my boats wiring. I originally thought they were extra sources of power, but after undoing some zip ties and tape I realized neither end of the wire was attached to anything?? I found two sections of 10ga like that. Might as well use them.

So how do I go from the 10 gauge wire I am running to the 14 gauge on the pump? Do they make a butt splices e or something for that?
Do I need to run both the ground and the positive wire from the battery. I have a ground distribution block which is for all the accessories but I am worried I might put that over capacity. I plan on just putting a fuse on the positive wire coming from the battery to the switch. Do I need one from the switch to the pump?

Thanks much.

brycejb328 08-30-2012 4:14 PM

FWIW, I ran 14 AWG on mine and I have felt the wires to see if the insulation gets warm. Which it does not.

Of course a marine grade tinned wire is the best option.

Maybe it has already been stated, But I found it odd that the switches (if i remember right) were a bigger gauge than the leads coming out of the pump.

They do have butt connectors that convert. if not readily available, i have went with the butt connector to fit the larger gauge and the "double up" the smaller gauge wire when i strip it and twist it to make it fit in the butt connector better

wiring diagram - http://www.wakemakers.com/catalog/pr...29/image/1079/

duramat 08-31-2012 5:26 PM

Your dealing with DC and you get alot of Voltage drop. No reason to starve the motor and burn up a pump. Go with 10aug

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