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MUNS 08-12-2012 1:41 PM

cost of replacing steering cable on 05 launch 21v
OK, So I have an 05 launch 21 v. The other day I was driving a friends 09 20ssv and his steering is much much looser than mine.
I started looking up what the problems could be, I greased the rudder. The grease came out of the rudder assembly underneath the hull from a small hole. Does this mean my o ring is gone?
I also read that these cables can get moisture inside and corrode and I am wondering if this is the case with mine, I have had the boat for 2.5 seasons now and I doubt it has ever been replaced before I bought it. The steering wheel has a small amount of play back and forth before it engages the cable. Its really quite stiff, I have to use two hands to turn the wheel 180. With my friends boat I was able to "throw" the steering wheel one direction and the wheel would spin freely for abit. I would like to have my steering this smooth.

So has anyone replaced theirs? How much did it cost? I am some what handy with these things but would probably opt to have a professional replace it for me, anyone know how much that would cost? and should I go with another teleflex cable or a morse cable?

Thanks for your time!

alexair 08-12-2012 4:12 PM

I'm not sure about "small hole" but if you have no any changes in steering after greasing you have to replace steering cable. Morse or Teleflex does not matter. It's not too hard to make youself but I can't advise you pricing for cable or repair. I saw topic about home made replacement at forum

skatethewake 08-12-2012 5:16 PM

Teleflex and Uflex steering cables range from about 150-200 for the rack style, no more than an hour maybe hour and a half labor, check the steering tube assembly as well. Replacing those two things can totally change a boat

kko13 08-12-2012 6:35 PM

If and when you replace it upgrade to the extreme version. You current cable is going to be a SSC134 version I.E SSC13418 the last 2 numbers are the length. If I had to guess this is the lenght yours is going to be a 18fter. But make sure you check before you order it. Its on the cable in a few places. When you order your new one upgrade to the SSC154 version. I.E SSC15418. I have replaced tons of these cables and have found the SSC154 cable to be much longer lasting. All the boats are diifferent depending on if or how easy the floor comes up /what kind of ballast it has and even what engine it has makes a difference. On a V drive your looking at 2-5 hrs including a test drive to center it up. Good luck!

kko13 08-12-2012 6:43 PM

And you should be able to find the SSC154 for about $150 online.

MUNS 08-13-2012 7:37 AM

Thanks for the info guys! Kevin you have been very helpful!

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