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22vdrive 08-08-2012 11:34 PM

New board
So I'm interested in a new board currently I have an old shredstixx comp 1. We absolutely love the board we feel that it has great feel but lacks some speed compared to others. It's 4'8"-21( I believe)- 2". How do the other boards compare in relation to these dimensions? I'm particularly interested in TWP signature and bomb pop. How thick and wide is the bomb pop? What makes it hard to pearl? Can you get it in a quad or thruster? What is that hole in the middle of the board?

TheWoons 08-09-2012 8:51 AM

The Bomb Pop is hard to pearl because of the design. There's some tail kick and rocker and it works very well. The hole is a vent. It's the fastest board several of us have been on and it's a VERY fun board to ride.

duffymahoney 08-09-2012 9:21 AM

Shred stixx newest board has way way way more speed. It responds with weight transfer and not just pumping. I think they are calling it the chaos of something. At least that's what I call it. Fastest board I have ever surfed, and everyone that surfs it gets off the wave saying it's their favorite board ever.

I hear nothing but great stuff about the bomb pop, and I think people are mainly rocking it as a twinzer setup., but I am sure you could get it as a quad but I think that would defeat the purpose of it. I can't wait to try one. Rocker design will stop it from pearling. Rocker is a give and take. Too much and it will be slow, too little and it will pearl. Rocker along with size, width and thickness are all kind of give and takes.

tonyv420 08-09-2012 9:40 AM

Soulcraft will build you one exactly the way you want it, if you know what you want, color, graphics, size etc.etc......I love mine, and have never heard any negative comments on how they ride

duffymahoney 08-09-2012 3:20 PM

I'm personally a huge fan of any board that is hand made and all will surf well if built to what you want. Walker, Shred Stixx, Soulcraft, Lakewakes, Stretch etc... The stuff stretch has been putting out in pretty crazy. And I love the new double haul bottoms of shred stixx.

22vdrive 08-09-2012 5:20 PM

Ryan- Why would the board need a vent? How thick is the bomb pop?

Duff- Is the Chaos 2" thick? If so why are shred stick boards so thick and others like the flyboy and the jetty so thin? Is thinner better? What length do you ride? What is a double hull bottom?

We would love another SS because of the great expierence we have with it already but we are also interested in TWP because of all the rave reviews they get in particular the bomb pop.

TheWoons 08-09-2012 6:46 PM

The thickness varies. It's not uniform. Vents are just another thing you can do on a surf board. Does it need one? Probably not. Is it nice to have? Yes :) Get a BP and you won't be disappointed. Soulcraft also makes really nice high performance boards too.

Chaos 08-09-2012 7:20 PM

Dennis can provide more info, but I believe the bomb pop like the signat., are sub 1.5" at their thickest points on average. I would assume there is some thickness differences depending on board length.

The bp or sig will be quite different than the comp 1 you are riding; and they are generally not designed to be ridden as a standard quad. The bp has a wider tail than the signature and this helps with transitional speed and some of the pearling issues some riders have reported for the signature and the flyboy.

vents are used in polystyrene foams (both expanded and extruded), because these foams have an significant amount of air incorporated into the structure. The general rule of thumb is if the foam is below 2lbs pcf, then a vent is a good idea for average sized board. You will often see multiple vents in paddle board because they are so large. Vents, especially passive vents, allow a board to equalize better under extremes, which can theoretically result in a longer board life. There are even some boards (surfboards, no one is using this tech in wake surfs yet; we have played with it some) that are designed to be pumped up with air to a desired flex/stiffness. Think of the Nike air pump.....

Most every custom board manufacture offers vents.

The comp 1.0 is a little less than 2.0" thick at its thickest point. And as far as the Chaos pro goes it is sub 2" thick.

22vdrive 08-11-2012 5:08 AM

Chaos thanks for your input. How are the rails set on your new chaos board I know that on my comp one they are pretty hard the whole board.

Chaos 08-11-2012 10:35 AM

The rails are transitionally hard or full with a hard/sharp bottom edge at the rear getting progressively softer/rounded toward the nose, with a less sharp bottom edge.

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