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austindodson 08-08-2012 8:30 PM

Rad skateboarding video
Hey guys check out this new video I made with Volcom Skater Shane Borland in california


Thanks and hope you guys like it.


brett33 08-09-2012 5:45 AM

quality edit dude. that kid rips.

sippi 08-09-2012 6:48 AM

i really like that edit. I actually really like that you kept the sounds of the skateboard in it, its really cool that you can hear the wheels spinning when he comes out of the pool and whatnot. with the music in the background. small thing but i think it adds to the vid a lot. good job man. and yes that kid is sick

migs 08-09-2012 8:31 AM

hella rad. kid is sick

hatepain 08-11-2012 5:54 PM

Very cool video, I felt like I was right there. Nice work.

dizzyj 08-12-2012 10:43 AM

kid rips
get him to put a helmet on

wakeandsnow27 08-13-2012 2:17 PM

the camera movement at 1:16 is sweet....love that.
The shot at 1:35 is super legit...

amazing riding, yet alone for a 13yr old. very nice edit as well and great pick on the song.

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