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silverthunder 08-08-2012 9:01 AM

Merc Smart tow - speed varies how to calibrate...
Hi Guy,

I have the Mercruiser SmartCraft gauges with smart launch and smart tow installed in my 2011 Epic 23v with a 8.1l.

I was running the stock prop 14.25x14 and the launch and speed holding of the smart tow was perfect. It was really stable and wouldn't vary more then a .2-.4 mph. I just changed the prop to lower the RPM with an ACME 13.5x17.5. This engine has enough torque to handle this prop without breaking a sweat. However, the smart tow now has a lot of difficulties hold the speed and it varies a lot.

Do you guys know how it can be calibrated to be more aggressive with the throttle management.

Thanks for your help.


cragrat 08-11-2012 3:23 AM

I've had the same problem with my Smart Tow. Merc replaced the gauge and still having the problem. Works great in RPM mode... but will NOT maintain in speed mode. Seems to hold better at surf speed, but wakeboard speed fluctuates as much as 6mph. Dealer still trying to figure it out...

motogod77 08-11-2012 5:20 PM

Make sure you are using the 300 Series GPS Antenna with the 6.01 Version Gauge. I have over 300 hours on one that it absolutely flawless. Also make sure your smart tow setting is on GPS with the speed filter turned off.

Remember that the system needs a quick "learn" if you add significant weight, change the prop, or change elevation - also if you have the DTS ignition switch, or push botton control, always turn the engine off by turning the key in the clockwise direction, trust me - or if you have the sweet control setup, just use the on/off botton on the control itself.

Hope that helps . . . . . .

cragrat 08-13-2012 9:15 AM

TQ: My GPS puck is "NMEA 2000". Is that the same as the "Series 300"?

silverthunder 08-26-2012 5:23 AM

Hi guys,

Got the speed holding issue fixed in 10 minutes...

This is what I did.

1) Did a master reset (see the Smartcraft manual)
2) Went in Cal1 and Cal2 setting to configure the gauges, sensors (GPS for speed, etc.)
3) Load the boat (full ballast, peoples, etc) I think that more weight while doing the calibration results in better speed holding at normal riding weight.
4) Set the Smart Tow in Speed Mode
5) Set the speed to 10 Mph
6) Set the Launch to the Launch setting you normally use
7) Launch and wait till it reaches 10 mph and it is hold steady
8) wait 20 sec
9) Increase the speed by 1 Mph
10) Wait till it reaches the new speedand it is hold steady
11) wait 20 sec
12) Do this till you reach a few Mph past your usual riding speed.
13) You are done!

Now weight the boat like you normally do and it should launch super smooth and hold it speed perfectly.

silverthunder 08-26-2012 5:24 AM

By the way... I'm running v4.0b of the software.

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