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Kerry 08-08-2012 8:56 AM

Spare Big Guest Bindings Kwik Tek? Junk?
Hi guys,

I'm have a lot of friends who have somewhat bigger feet and of course do not want them squishing into my nice boots. So I have a spare setup for them. I have an 08 covin that I let them all ride. I need a new set of spare boots for it. Has anyone used these bindings?


Are they absolutely horrible. They just need to offer simple support and be able to fit 11+ feet basically for my friends.I can't really check out newer boots because they won't fit the old board either. (annoying)

Readyaimfire 08-08-2012 3:11 PM

Those are complete garbage. U could do so much better for under 100. Go on eBay and look around.

moto817 08-09-2012 12:48 AM

I have a size 12 pair of black ronix bindings ill sell ya for a steal hit me up at MOTO817at SBCGLOBAL dot NET

Kerry 08-09-2012 9:49 AM

Thanks man, yea i actually ended up seeing some reviews on amazon after I ordered these and they all said bad things. So luckily the place I ordered them from has them on backorder and hasn't responded so I'm disputing the charge and getting a refund anyways. Moto817, what year bindings are your ronix? Closed toe I'm assuming? I'm looking for a pair that will fit an 08 board open toe and XL's.

Kerry 08-10-2012 11:53 AM

Luckily that order was backordered and I was refunded. Also my dealer where I bought my 2012 one setup at Wakeside Marine in Elkhart has a pair of 2007 shane bindings for only 50 bucks. Not bad. better binding and less than half the price.

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