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boardman74 08-06-2012 7:57 PM

I have started riding again this summer after being away from the sport for 12 years. I am starting to get some of my stuff back but am having a hard time on my HS. Mostly with rotation. I have no issue landing TS 180's. For this I am spinning the board counter-clockwise. I have no issue with time for the trick at all. But HS where I get way more air and hang time I can't seem to get the board around and down. I am also rotating the board counter-cw. I took a wicked topside hit yesterday and the headache today has me wondering should I rotate the other way? The board swings without any effect TS but it seems like I am fighting momentum HS. I am making sure I pop first before starting the trick. Any insight?

irishrider92 08-07-2012 4:09 PM

Remember that you're not trying to rotate the board as much as you want to just pull the handle into your opposite hip. You could also try taking your front hand off (left if what I'm thinking based on your description)

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