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beretta5spd 08-04-2012 6:10 PM

Floating slider build
I though I would share a slider build I designed and built or friends of mine and hopefully inspire some of you guys.

Designed it Wednesday after work. It took about 8 hours total to get it on paper.

I had about 26 hours of build time into it. So far I have only hit it 8 or so times but it was a lot of fun.

First pic... Main slider frame with the left side barrel supports in place.

Second pic .... Frame built, putting on 3/8" plywood

Third pic... On ramp started (note it is designed to be bolted to the bulk of the slider)

Fourth pic... All sheeted

Fifth pic... Almost all painted and puckboard in place.

Sixth pic... Heading to the water. Note the 3 parts plus barrels.

Seventh pic... Yes it is that heavy

Eighth pic.... Happy new owner

Ninth pic... Full view

Tenth pic.... In the water

38 feet long
Roughly 640 linear feet of 2x4
10 sheets of 3/8 plywood
Weighs around 1100 pounds
Floats VERY well on only 4- 55 gallon plastic drums

It has been so much fun building this for friends and now we are using it for a kids camp this week for both winching and sea doo. If you have any questions on the build let me know.

beretta5spd 08-04-2012 6:13 PM

Main section is 24 feet
Ride on ramp is 10 feet
Ollie on ramp on the other end is 4 feet with 2 foot Ollie

Readyaimfire 08-05-2012 11:53 AM

Super sick! If u dont mind me asking, about how much total fid u spend on supplies? Ive been wanting to build something like this.

beretta5spd 08-05-2012 1:58 PM

Thanks for the complement. This build cost roughly 700 bucks. Around 450 in wood and 250 in puck, paint, screws and other supplies.

It is built like a tank and should last for years to come

beretta5spd 08-05-2012 10:38 PM

Some sick pics from tonight. Both these guys are 16 and under having a good time





baitkiller 08-06-2012 4:59 AM

Wow. I would have guessed midnight sale at your local construction site. Nice job, nice shop.

rplogue7 08-06-2012 5:32 AM

I've legit been wanting to do something like this all summer ! Keep up the good work, and keep the rail wet. Great Job

beretta5spd 08-08-2012 6:35 PM


Unreal day winching this thing. Lots of kids hitting the rail for their first time too. Super stoked to be on the lake hitting this beast.

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