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wakeboardern1 08-04-2012 2:54 PM

Changing bulbs in Roswell Lights?
We have the Roswell light bar/speaker combo that comes with the Worlds Edition Supra, and two of the bulbs have gone out. Last time this happened, we were able to take it to the dealer since it was under warranty, but not anymore. It seems like they're soldered in there, but I can't be sure.

Does anyone have experience changing those bulbs and what will it take to replace them? Soldering is not a problem if we need to, but I just need to make sure I'm not going to mess something up by breaking the connection.

acurtis_ttu 08-06-2012 12:50 PM

I would contact roswell directly.

matt75 08-06-2012 2:22 PM

are they the 55w bulbs or the led? The 55w got extremely hot after running them. I think there were 3 screws for the lens. The bulb just pops out and you should have the ground screwed into the housing base. The hot wire you'll have to clip. Reverse procedure for new bulbs.

Rosewell sent me new bulbs when mine went out as well.

wakeboardern1 08-06-2012 7:47 PM

The 55w. Those things get absurdly hot man. But thanks, I'll definitely contact them. We've been having issues with them burning out too quickly, and just stopped bothering with it after a while. They heated up to the point that it burned a hole in the coating of the mainline that was hanging off the tower.

Thanks again for the tips. I wasn't sure if it had to be clipped off or not, that's good to know.

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